10 gadgets from Rick and Morty that I wish existed!

From interdimensional cable TV to robots facing existential crises

A few weeks ago, we received word that Rick and Morty would be moving to HBO GO after a long circulation period: season five will be available on the domestic streaming service a day after its world premiere. And that’s not all: the first four stints will be added to HBO GO’s offer! So in one place, in the best possible garnish, we’ll be able to enjoy the time- and space-spanning brain-spanning brains of the old alcoholic inventor and his grandson struggling with puberty.

The animated sitcom has popped out of the heads of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. It has been hugely popular with young people and child-minded adults like us since its debut in 2013, largely due to its outspoken, taboo-minded approach to pop culture-shaping gags and depths popping up in unexpected places. And his gadgets, which allow inventor Rick not only to tear up the fabric of dimensions and reality but also to mirror the basics and conventions of science fiction. Our article has now collected what we wish we could possess in real life (to cause the end of the world in no time, but who cares…).

1. Serum for broken
leg (First appeared: S01E01, Megaman)

Would you have died? Like you broke both your legs in the process? If you’ve been such a loser, all you have to do is travel forward into the future and get this over-the-counter serum that fuses human bones in no time. Even Madam Pomfrey, the Hogwarts best man, would have liked one of these.

2. Butter
dispensing robot (First emergence: S01E09, Diabolical Science)

Everyone needs a butter dispensing robot! You’re not? The self-conscious copy in Rick and Morty, anyway, makes this little guy realize that there’s really no point in his existence (because you might as well reach for him, you lazy pig), and it makes him infinitely depressed. There’s nothing more delicious about breakfast than endless lethargy, isn’t there? And guess what, this little robot is really available!

3. Zooming
Beam (First pop-up: S01E03, Anatomy Park)

Okay, Rick and Morty weren’t the first to come up with the idea for the diminutive beam since everyone remembers the movies Fantastic Journey and The Real Chase. Still, it’s really just Rick to create an exhibition of various diseases in a homeless person’s body that can be miniaturized. Of course, we probably wouldn’t use the diminutive gadgets we need to build an amusement park in a half-wit’s body, but I’m pretty sure we’d have ideas that don’t go to this site.


4. Love Potion
(First show: S01E06, Love during the flu)

Yes, the love potion is about the same age as film history, but it’s rare to encounter Cronenberg’s horror. When Morty queries Rick to mix a potion that causes Jessica to fall in love, all hell breaks loose very quickly because she’s got the flu, and everyone gets hooked on the disease that causes them to fall in love with Morty. Rick tries to save what’s actionable, but first, he turns people into killer prayers, then Cronenberg monsters. Finally, there’s nothing else, and you have to clean it off Earth number 137. We’d definitely be more careful with this drug, wouldn’t we?


5. Dream Inceptor
(First show: S01E02, Nightmare on Eb Street)

Christopher Nolan meets Freddy Krueger thanks to the gadgets that we can put in the ear to penetrate people’s dreams, then to the newer dreams of characters in their dreams, and so on. I’m sure the experience will cause Leonardo DiCaprio to split his ears in two, especially if Scary Terry confronts him. Still, our heroes will prove that a dream-inceptor like that would be good for an unforgettable trip, but be careful whose ears we hide it in.


6. Cleansing
Armour (First Show: S02E09, A Terrible Mess)

You can’t say that Rick and Morty don’t give in to pop culture: The Night of Purge movies evoke the situation in which our heroes fall into, but on the night of the free crime, instead of smouldering, they’d rather be dressed in a killer Iron Man armour suit that, thanks to its rocket launchers and other built-in firearms, would surely be good for us to get through a more troubled day. So – in fact, we might as well start the real Avengers – unless they put an atom on our heads first.

7. Intelligence-enhancing helmet (First show: S01E02, Nightmare on Eb Street)

Rick certainly hasn’t seen The Terminator or Planet of the Apes, or he wouldn’t be hammering an intelligence-boosting helmet on the family dog, which will make the guy so smart that he and his fellow dogs will rebel and conquer the planet. So we don’t have these aspirationals, but we could use a helmet, especially when trying to figure out what Christopher Nolan was trying to say to Tenet.



8. The Bitch
Box (First Show: S01E05, The Bitch)

There’s this blue box with a button on it, and you press it to pop out of it, and it’s a Mr Bitch whose job it is to help you do a task, and then it disintegrates. Yes, but if you can’t help me with that, you’re going to make copies of you to help me, and so on, until the world is full of. So even if we do, we’re going to be asking him to take down the trash or something, and not even accidentally to help us get Bloodborne out because that’s hopeless.


9. Interdimensional Cable TV (First show: S01E08, TV drama)

Do you know what’s better than 100 TV channels? 100 million! Rick knows that when he’s rigged the family’s TV decoder, which can now hold all the parallel universes and believe us, there are channels that are very incapable of doing things in other dimensions. If we had one of these, we’d be switching until we found a sports tax that would see Arsenal win the BL.

10. Portal
Launcher (First pop-up: S01E01, Megamag)

Okay, we don’t think it’s any surprise to you that we left the best. The most cyclonic at the end: Rick’s portal gun, because that allows the two title characters to jump back and forth between different dimensions, so it’s okay if one or two actions end in a continuum of space-time because all you have to do is pull out the gun and you can jump into another dimension. So we’d definitely use it when someone asks us again when we’re going to have another slob test.

So we think these are rick and Morty’s most cyclonic gadgets, and yes, yes, we know that we’ve been picking mostly from season one, but that’s because this series is brilliant from the beginning, and it would have hurt a lot to give up any of the above. In any case, write your favourites in the comments section.

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