10 things you need to know about Far Cry 6

What is a good guerrilla like?

Now, towards the end of the year, it is clear that thanks to countless postponed appearances, 2021 could not boast numerous titles in the future, so Far Cry 6 could easily be considered one of the biggest games of the year. Ubisoft also believes in this, and as it has shared countless pieces of information with the high-profile in the form of presentations, articles, and media events, we win to follow it. To make navigating a little easier, we’ve put together ten things you should know about Far Cry’s latest act. Here it is!

1. Quality storytelling

Far Cry 6 has set itself no less than a goal in its storytelling to grow to the level of deburring series offered by today’s trendy streaming providers, so it hasn’t fallen deep into its pocket. For example, to play Yara’s tyrant, he has contracted the genius Giancarlo Esposito, who has proven countless times as an iconic villain. In contrast, his son, 13-year-old Diego, will be played by Anthony Gonzalez, who Pixar fans may have known as the voice of Coco’s protagonist. And here’s the end of the illustrious crew list, as the introductory video is the responsibility of Patrick Clair and his team. They have made the overture to series like Westworld, True Detective, Netflix’s Daredevil, or Man in the Citadel. And while the quality of a story isn’t solely the responsibility of the actors,

2. Unprecedented levels of urban warfare

One of Yara’s most valuable areas is undoubtedly its capital, Esperanza, which we have already had the opportunity to admire in several shows. This time, however, the city will not only play an aesthetic role, as it will also be one of the most critical areas of our guerrilla war, being here the presidential palace of Antón Castillo, or, if you like, the nest of evil. And this opens the first urban battlefield in Far Cry history, promising a street battle of a scale we’ve never had the good fortune to experience in this series before.

3. Paradise environment for a bloody war

The scene of Far Cry 6 is the island nation of Yara, hidden in the heart of the Caribbean, the most colorful playground in the series to date. It is a true tropical paradise that is made irresistible by its lush rainforests and azure beaches. And although all the island inhabitants are fond of infinite local patriotism, the person of their leader, Antón Castillo, is already much more divisive. Some blindly follow all the instructions of the Grand Chief, but others would rather have already torn the chains of the repressive regime. If Cuba and its history come to mind as a result of all this, you are not far from the truth, especially that the parallel can be seen in much more places than this. Suffice it to mention the noisy domino games on the street or the fact that our hero burns his bleeding wounds with a chunky cigar tip.


4. We can become leaders of the resistance

You control Dani Rojas, a local resistance man who put his life up to overthrow the oppressive regime in the game. The former soldier, frustrated by the system, is on the side of the local rebels, Libertad, to try to undermine the structure of the repressive system, be it sabotage, spreading insurgent propaganda, or open clashes. The freedom fighters surrounding Dan are a surprisingly colorful company who will all face their demons during the long journey while in the war against Castillo, trying not to become what they take up arms against. But how much can they sacrifice for their freedom? It will be clear soon.

5. Garbage from others is sometimes a real treasure

The rebels of Libertad live according to the resolver philosophy. That is, they make a living from it, fighting with whatever they find. The philosophy itself was inspired by Cuban culture and its ingenious citizens, who had to face similar deprivation due to the decades-long economic embargo. Libertad makes weapons out of everyday things, what’s more, even vehicle modifications, and that leads to imaginative and sometimes absurd things. Do you need a machine gun for an upcoming big siege? Well, grab a motorcycle engine to propel the countless tubes of the machine gun. We will fight the war for Yara’s freedom with such and similar crazy things, and the only keyword is the invention itself.

6. You can also tinker with your car yourself

As already mentioned, the resolver philosophy does not end with weapons production, as we will assemble our vehicles ourselves. We grab a vintage car and then weld a sliding plate folded from a signboard and armor made of barrels to it, worrying about a machine gun on top or even making sure that flames more than a meter long are sprayed out of the exhaust. In addition, we can paint the car as we wish and even decorate and color the interior because efficiency and style are not always mutually exclusive.


7. The dress makes the guerrilla

And if it’s already a style, we can expand our skills with Dani’s abilities this time, and there’s something for everyone. Aside from a few solitary accessories, our clothes are arranged in sets of five pieces, which give each piece its characteristics although grouped around a theme. The parkour set, for example, modifies our agility and speed, while governing clothing will help us accumulate raw materials. Since there are no set-up bonuses and each piece provides some advantage, nothing stops us from arranging our wardrobe from parts from different sets… who knows, maybe one of our local collections will bring our collection.


8. Considered transportation is important

How you get to your goal is entirely up to you. If you prefer paved roads, well, cut one for him, but in that case, be prepared to hang a shaft once or twice with Army soldiers who have set up checkpoints across the country. You can’t just run through them with one vehicle because wheel traps and spikes have been laid everywhere – it’s easier to avoid them or eliminate them, which further weakens the regime’s structure. If you prefer to avoid being noticed, you can use the maze of secret guerrilla routes that network the island like a spider’s thread: tunnels, forest paths, canal passages, and crumbly ramps will hide from the eyes of soldiers. Although air travel can be an alternative,


9. Home, sweet home

A guerrilla, though he’s always on the road, sometimes it’s good to be able to hide somewhere. Carefully hidden guerrilla bases are used for this purpose. You will find workbenches to improve your equipment and vendors that exchange meat and money for raw materials, but over time you can decide how and where the base develops. You put up a fishing hut where you can build a garage, and you decide what you will create from your raw material source in the hiding place. In addition, over time, you will be able to instruct warriors loyal to the case on a secret mission in Benito, the former pirate tent, at the end of which, depending on their ability, they will return with fresh raw materials and other goods.

10. Useful animal mates will help you

Our animal buddies, introduced in Far Cry 5, return to support the revolution with their furry (or just brilliant) presence. For example, Guapo, the indestructible soldier-eating crocodile, writes against the place in a tiny T-shirt, and if God forbid, he will be laid down within a minute to get back into battle. Chorizo, the wheelchair’s dachshund, distracts the guards with his irresistible charm, while Chicharrón, a fighting cock raised in metal music, shoots himself straight into the opponent’s face like a simple kamikaze. In the base game, two more helpers and two more will be added to our case as downloadable content, who, like us, will develop and strengthen in the war against Castillo.

Well, at these ten points, we’ve pretty much outlined the backbone of Far Cry 6, but to discover the precise details, you have to cut yourself into the fight for Yara from today. Are you ready for the competition?

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