Star Wars Visions: The promising anime series will surpass the boredom of Skywalker several times

The first video arrived in early July, featuring Lucasfilm’s exciting and form-breaking new anthology series, Star Wars: Visions. The anime series was co-produced by the studio with big-name Japanese animation workshops. It invited East Asian filmmakers to showcase their own ideas about the far-far galaxy. Each of the 9 episodes will tell a separate story that doesn’t necessarily fit into the official canon. Still, some creators considered it important to place their films on the Star Wars timeline.

At a conference in Tokyo, Trigger studio founders Masahiko Otsuka and Hiroyuki Imaishi said one of their two Star Wars visions (The Elder) would take place before the Skywalker story, and the other (The Twins) would take place after. “For some viewers, this series may be their first Star Wars experience, so I wanted to make something that can be enjoyed without background knowledge,” said Otsuka, director of The Elder set in front of Ominous Shadows. “Our story isn’t directly related to the movies. None of the characters, but it’s about the Jedi Knights, exploring the relationship between masters and padawan in older age. and “a new hope” after the fall of the Empire they are looking for. (Source: IGN)

Kenji Kamiyama, who directed the production IG episode The Ninth Jedi, also dreamed up a story after his Skywalker saga. “I was wondering if there would be peace in the galaxy after part 9? We all love the Jedi and their lightsabers, but what happens to the Jedi Knights after the movies? My story is about that,” the director said. “When I first saw Star Wars, I was fascinated by the story of this kid, Luke Skywalker, who came out of nowhere and embarked on a huge adventure. For me, this is the root of Star Wars’ magic, so I wanted to sketch a galactic-sized adventure with a different character. ”

Yuku Igarashi, director of the Twin Engine’s Geno Studio, said Lop and Ocho, who he directed, will play between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope as the Galactic Empire expands. “The close-to-nature inhabitants of a planet are embroiled in conflict with the Empire, and the protagonist, Ocho, a girl from a local yakuza-like family, encounters the orphaned slave Lopp. He is a humanoid, rabbit-like creature played by the classic Star Wars comics Jaxxon inspired by a character named “.


Junpei Mizusaki, director of The Duel (Kamikaze Douga Studio), hasn’t adapted Western stories and characters for the first time with a traditional Japanese garnish. He also directed Batman Ninja before. Mizusaki said he would evoke Akira Kurosawa’s films in the style of his Star Wars vision and take place in a completely unknown corner of the galaxy. The Village Bride part of Kinema Citrus will also take place on a hitherto unknown planet, showcasing its traditions. The Science Saru studio has also produced two episodes. Akari will be a love story that doesn’t necessarily end with a happy ending. The protagonist of T0-B1 will be a little droid who has big dreams. In Twin Color’s Studio Colorado film and Tatooine Rhapsody, we meet well-known characters in well-known locations:

Star Wars: Visions will debut on Disney + on September 22nd.

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