256 GB can be the basic storage capacity in the Samsung Galaxy S23 models

We have already heard so much about the Samsung Galaxy s3 smartphones that there are almost no surprises left for the presentation due in February. Despite this, there are still various information rumors about the flagships of the South Korean manufacturer, and the latest ones are scrutinizing the capacity of the storage inside the phones. According to these, Samsung will double the bet this year.

Ahmed Qwaider, one of the Internet leakers, published the information on his Twitter page, according to which the 128 GB storage will be eliminated in the case of the new flagship models, which will have at least 256 GB of internal storage.

The leaker made his point quite interesting, because while in the case of the Ultra edition he describes three different operational memory/backup variants, he only publishes one in the case of the other models. In any case, the minimum for the Galaxy S22 and S22+ was 8/128 GB, but now 8/256 GB configurations will be the cheapest, basic packages.

As for the Samsung Galaxy 23 Ultra, you can expect at least 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, at least according to the news source. For the Galaxy S23 Ultra, we will have three options: 12/256 GB, 12/512 GB and 12 GB/1 TB.

In the case of last year’s flagships, the storage was based on the so-called UFS 3.1 technology, but this year we expect to switch to UFS 4.0 chips in the new models. In terms of energy efficiency, these solutions are 46 percent better than previous storage chips, not to mention that they provide 2x faster read speeds and 1.6x faster sequential write speeds.

Update: Just as I was writing these lines, a piece of news came in that refutes this claim. What they both have in common is that there is no official confirmation behind either of them, so we are once again left in the dark of speculation. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait that long until the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S23 models, so the truth will be revealed soon.

Source: GSMArena

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