4 Best Puzzle Games To Play On Android And iPhone

The contemporary smartphone is jam-packed with entertaining features. While spending time in front of a screen is always enjoyable, it is also a good habit to spend time doing something constructive. Puzzle games will undoubtedly keep you glued to your screen for an extended period of time while also making it worthwhile.

There are plenty excellent puzzle games available on the Internet. These games keep you interested and might help you improve your thinking abilities. Puzzle games are considerably superior to any other smartphone distraction. You must, however, select the best ones.

That is why we have compiled a list of the top puzzle games for Android and iPhone. You can play these games for extended periods of time and have the same level of excitement every time. They will not only help you pass the time but will also keep you entertained while you play. So make sure to look into the best puzzle games on the market right now.

5 Best Puzzle Games For iPhone And Android

1. Brain It On

If you want to put your intellect to the test, Brain It On is the game for you. This game may appear to be simple, but it will be difficult for you to grasp.

You must draw something to accomplish the said task when you start the game. The difficulty of the puzzle increases as you progress further in the game. So make sure that you check it out.

2. Two Dots

Mekorama will appeal to those who have enjoyed Treasure Tracker and Monument Valley. This is a fun 3D puzzle game for individuals of all ages. In the game, a beautiful robot guides you through several puzzle areas.

Each puzzle chamber has its own set of mechanics. As a result, each new chamber is a fresh start, which keeps the game fascinating.

After completing one level, five additional levels become available. As a result, users will never feel trapped at a given level. So, if you want to have fun, this game is for you.

3. Threes! Freeplay

Threes is the next game on the list; it is a sliding tile game with a basic yet intriguing idea. You must move tiles to produce a specific number in the game. It would be three and multiples of three in this scenario.


When you install the game, you will be given a small tutorial on how to play it. To join and add the tiles, you must slide them. It is simpler than some of the other games on the list. Nonetheless, the game is entertaining and thrilling.

4. Chess light – Puzzle Game

Chess lite, as the name suggests, is a game with numerous entertaining components. Unlike a traditional chess match, where you start from the beginning, this game has over 180 chess situations divided into six difficulty levels that you must solve. 

chess titan

This game is ideal for expert chess players who desire more challenge and cannot find it elsewhere. One of the game’s finest aspects is that there are no advertising, which is uncommon in free games.

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