5 popular smartwatches for Christmas 2022

If you are planning to buy a smart watch, then you are in the best place, because we have collected some of the proven models with a great price/value ratio. We also offer Hungarian menu, SIM card and waterproof models, for women, men and children alike, and all the listed products can be ordered from Hungary with super-fast, up to 1-day delivery.

  • The article has been updated with the latest 2022 models!

Smartic NEO 2 smart watch

THE Smartic NEO 2 one specifically quality, elegant man smart watch with a menu with a thin metal case, replaceable strap, beautiful circle display and With IP68 water resistance.

The smart watch is compatible with Android and iOS, displays calls and notifications, and is also suitable for conducting telephone conversations (hands-free). There are also various sports modes and a heart rate monitor. pedometer, music control and many other useful functions.

Leafit K7 smart watch

The 2022 Leafit K7 is one simple, lightweight smart watch which for women and men can also be a good choice. It has the basic functions, such as activity measurement, notifications and calls, but it also has a heart rate monitor, various sports modes, and even two built-in games.

leafit k7 okosora header

Compatible with both Android and iOS systems, and waterproof according to the IP68 certificate, so whatever also suitable for swimming. The introductory price is HUF 32,990, it is expected to be more expensive later.

Smartic Ria smart watch

THE Smartic Ria one surprisingly light and thin smart watchmainly due to its small size recommended for women. It is characterized by the use of premium materials and beautiful design, and can be a real fashionable accessory. The operating time is sufficiently long and the watch is water resistant.

Smartic Ria teszt tech 04

In terms of functions, it knows the basics, such as notifications, call notifications, time and date display, activity measurement, alarm clock, and the like. A big advantage is that you can set a number of watch faces, and you can also create an individual one from your own image. Thanks to the icon menu, it is easy to use even without knowing the language. It does not have a speaker, so this type is not suitable for making calls.

Smartic X smart watch

The Smartic X is one beautiful, premium smart watch which for women and men can both be a good choice. The menu has waterproof according to the IP67 standard, and suitable for making and receiving calls also via a connected mobile phone.

smartic x okosora 2022 szinek techlabor

It is compatible with both Android and iOS systems, displays notifications and knows several sports modes.

Semicor Max smart watch

Semicor Max is a real one premium, masculine smart watch with a solid design and with a menu in different languages, and the telephone application is also Hungarian. It has a speaker and microphone, so it is even suitable for making calls via a connected mobile phone, and of course it indicates SMS messages and all kinds of other notifications.

Semicor Max techlabor 01

The Semicor Max is moderately water resistant, comes with an optional metal and leather strap, silver and black colors, a variety of pre-installed watch faces, and new ones can also be downloaded. The good news is that it works with both Android phones and iPhones.

Semicor Nova children’s smart watch

Semicor Nova is for children tracker smart watch which shows parents the exact location of the device, in addition also suitable for making phone calls because it is in it SIM card slot.

semicor nova gps gyerek okosora header

The tracker app for the rugged smartwatch is available for Android and iPhones, and Hungarian, just like the clock menu.

Applies to all listed smartwatches:

  • Free delivery in case of advance payment
  • Will be posted within 24 hours the products on working days
  • 1 year comprehensive Hungarian warranty for all smartwatches
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for all smartwatches
  • Every smartwatch comes with a gift (glass foil and/or extra strap)

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