60 week delay on new router orders affected by global chip shortage

After video cards and PS5 consoles, it now looks like routers may also run out of inventory. Production is already in a considerable slippage.

Those who are sad enough lately that they haven’t had access to a video card or a new generation console due to lack of inventory, manufacturing difficulties, and ever-rising prices are unlikely to be happy with this news. According to Bloomberg, the global chip shortage already affects the router market, and new routers may arrive on the market 60 weeks late.

Taiwanese-based router maker Zyxel Communications, head of Karsten Gewecke, said routers have not yet run out of store shelves in Europe, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen at any time. Delivery of Zyxel routers has been delayed quite a bit in recent weeks due to an incident in the Suez Canal. Considering that hundreds of millions of people are stuck at home due to various epidemiological regulations, more and more people buy a new router for their home.

This means that if this continues, global inventory shortages can be expected. So if someone thinks it might be a good deal to own a new console, an old video card, you might want to keep the old routers as well, as maybe they will soon have a market value as well. Of course, there are service providers in Hungary that provide the router and the Internet service. If the stock shortage becomes real, it may not be possible, or the service provider may even ask for money for the router.

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