$600 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency was stolen and now returned

The biggest crypto money theft of all time ended with an unexpected twist: the perpetrator or perpetrators did not keep the huge fortune but returned it in several instalments. Experts believe there are no reasons for conscience behind it.

Poly Network, known for its financial systems, was recently hit by a serious hacker attack, which resulted in $ 600 million of cryptocurrency being pumped out of the service provider. We say we still don’t know if there really is a team or just one person behind the story. But yes, the case of ridden cryptocurrency can be seen as the biggest such theft of all time, Reuters concluded. The severity of the blow to the Poly Network has been analyzed for days by the trade press. Still, today something else is being reported: the thief has reappeared to report the return of the stolen cryptocurrency. The process has not just begun, but by now, the almost total amount has been circumvented. In return for all this, Poly Network promised a $ 500,000 “thank you card” and a full amnesty but did not ask for any of those involved.

The perpetrator later justified this because he merely wanted to draw attention to the system’s weakness and would have returned the stolen tokens anyway. However, some cybersecurity experts have stated that the attacker’s tale is hard to believe and not very lifelike. The theory was justified by which group still does it, riding hundreds of millions of dollars and then posting that the whole thing was just a joke.

In their view, it is more a question of such an amount being difficult to launder, and the perpetrators knew exactly that

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