70 percent of Apple iPhone 14 devices have Samsung-made OLED displays

Samsung Display is a key player in the OLED market, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that Apple uses the displays of the South Korean manufacturer when assembling iPhones. According to a newly published report, 70 percent of the front panel of the latest generation, i.e. Apple iPhone 14 models, is covered by an organic display made by Samsung.

To clarify the statement made in the introduction, more than 70 percent of the displays of the iPhone 14 devices were manufactured by Samsung, this includes the traditional displays of the basic and Plus models, as well as the LTPO displays of the two Pro editions.

One of the prestigious South Korean news portals, The Elec recently found out that the apple manufacturer plans to produce 120 million units of the latest series. At least 80 million of the manufactured stock will be equipped with Samsung displays, more than 20 million will be produced by LG and approximately six million will come from BOE’s production lines. The supplier of the remaining panels has not yet been determined.

THE The Elec article also reveals that Samsung and LG supply panels for all four iPhone 14 models, while the Chinese are only involved in the production of the 6.1-inch LTPS displays that will eventually end up on the iPhone 14. According to Samsung Display’s calculation, more than 60 million of the 80 million units will go to the Pro models, as these releases perform better than expected. The daily life of LG’s display department has recently been hampered by all kinds of problems on the production line, so the competing big brother may be responsible for the production of even more panels.

For BOE, the lack of interest in the iPhone 14 may cause some overnight turnover, but the Chinese have had problems before. Because of this, Apple nicely rewrote the contract with them. Let’s say we can’t blame Tim Cook’s company, since the BOE unilaterally modified the circuit construction of the displays on the fly, without any kind of consultation. The apple producer was not the least bit delighted by this…

Source: GSMArena

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