A great innovation on Messenger has arrived, no one can eavesdrop on your conversations

Mark Zuckerberg announced on Facebook that end-to-end encryption is now available for voice and video calls.

Facebook Messenger users have long wanted end-to-end encryption in the service. It has been heard before that Facebook is working to introduce encryption, but Mark Zuckerberg said in May that this would certainly not happen before 2022, and the company sees end-to-end encryption as a long-term project. However, the situation seems to have changed on the fly.

The point of end-to-end encryption is that the message exchange between the parties can only be read on the two endpoint devices: the message itself passes through the channel encrypted, and the key needed to decrypt it is on the receiving party’s machine. As a result, cybercriminals will not be able to read the content of the chat. Needless to say, how useful this is when we need to send sensitive data to another.

In August, the news was announced that this solution was coming to you for voice and video calls, and now Mark Zuckerberg has announced that end-to-end encryption will be available in Messenger.

According to Zuckerberg, the new feature will be able to encrypt voice and video calls in this way and will be able to optionally turn this feature on and off for group chats and group voice and video calls.

As the post doesn’t detail, users of the Android device and iPhone and users of the web version of Messenger can undoubtedly enjoy secure communication.

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