A man strangles his boyfriend over an Overwatch fight

A Michigan man has been arrested after strangling his boyfriend to death after the two had a falling out over Blizzard‘s popular shooter game Overwatch.

After the arrest, some of the details were given.

It all started when Docquen Jovo Watkins (31) and her boyfriend Rory Teasley (28) two started arguing OverwatchCoincidentally, it is noteworthy that Teasley was becoming popular as a Tik Toker and was gaining more and more followers.

Teasley collected more than 225 thousand followers and 2.4 million likes among all his videos. The most popular, posted in December of last year, with more than 475 thousand likes, 2000 comments, and more than 3500 shares.

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According to the NBC News report, Watkins, now charged with second-degree murder, had called police and explained that he and his boyfriend had gotten into a fight and that Teasley had fallen “asleep.” Police arrived on the scene and discovered Teasley unconscious and not breathing.

So far, it is unknown what could have triggered the discussion, but it is known for sure that it was about Overwatch and its activities on social networks. This incident adds to a string of conversations about video games that ended severely, such as the case of the boy who shot his friend in 2015.


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