A slave room was discovered near Pompeii

According to archaeologists, this will allow us to understand enslaved people’s daily lives better. According to Sky News, the ruins of Pompeii, nearly two thousand years after the volcanic explosion, nevertheless retain something new: archaeologists have discovered a slave room this time.

According to archaeologists, this is a one-of-a-kind find that provides uncommon insights into the daily life of enslaved people.

© AFP / handout / Pompeii Acheological Park

According to academics, the room was discovered in Civita Giuliana’s villa; it has only one high window with little adornment and three beds, indicating that it was formerly home to a youngster. The beds are composed of rough machined wood, with two measuring 1.7 meters in length and the third measuring only 1.4 meters.

© AFP / handout / Pompeii Acheological Park

According to the Italian Minister of Culture, Darion Franceschini, it “has enhanced our knowledge of the ancient’s” ordinary lives, particularly that layer of society that we have not yet properly known.”

© AFP / handout / Pompeii Acheological Park

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