According to a new theory, the TVA is chasing nothing more than Captain America in Loki.

Steve Rogers is on the path to sin?

Unsurprisingly, after the first episode of Loki was released a week ago, fans began to develop theories about how the series might affect the Marvel cinematic universe. Kevin Feige has previously stated that Loki will have a greater impact on the MCU than the TV series shown so far. This is largely due to the appearance of the TVA, the Time Rehabilitation Authority. Fans may suspect, among other things, that in the first episode, the creators immediately made a clear reference to the MCU’s next villain. Still, many also suspect the emergence of another comic book villain based on the episode.

Loki’s creators deny the latter because what many have interpreted as a reference to Mephispo actually refers to the god of pranks himself, a variant of whom is persecuted by the TVA. It’s the authority’s job to keep an eye on the Holy Timeline, and if anyone disturbs it, they’ll catch the culprit. In the first episode, Loki asks the obvious question: after the events of Avengers: Endgame, in which Tony Starks thoroughly disrupted the timeline, why didn’t they look at the fingerpads of the greatest heroes on Earth? The writers quickly arranged this by saying that what the Avengers had done had to happen, unlike Loki’s escape. But did all the Avengers behave according to the order of the Holy Timeline? I’m not sure.

Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, after completing his mission in The Endgame, decided not to return to the present of the MCU, but rather to stay in the past and live the happy and long life he had always wanted with Peggy Carter (played by Hayley Atwell in the films). This time variation may have already caught the attention of the TVA, and Captain America will have to face his time crimes. This is said to be confirmed by a scene from the first episode of Loki, which follows an arrested woman who reminds me of Peggy Carter:

Source: CBR

So would law enforcement have been in the crosshairs of Captain America? That’s not inconceivable. So even though Steve Rogers’ storyline in The Endgame seemed to have been completed and a new hero in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier took the captain’s shield, the TVA’s release has actually opened the way back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for almost everyone. So with a twist like that, we might even see Chris Evans in a future movie or series running away from the TVA.

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