An old big franchise in a free-to-play format has been revived by PlayStation

The wreckage gaming is back

Referring to an unnamed source, VGC wrote that Liverpool-based Lucid Games set out to make the next installment of Twisted Metal. The studio’s name may not be familiar at first, but otherwise, they made Destruction AllStars in which racers bouncing in and out of cars fight in an arena.

The paper reports that it will receive the new Twisted Metal free-to-play business model, in part because Destruction AllStars became a gift title for PlayStation Plus instead of a full-price, premium game at the last minute when it was released for PS5 in February this year. It is also claimed that the next TM is scheduled to be released in 2023, when a film series based on the franchise will also be released.

The first part of Twisted Metal was released for PlayStation in 1995, and the last one for PlayStation 3 in 2012. These are wreck derby games in which the other riders have to be dismantled with armed vehicles. The reception for Destruction AllStars was not very positive; after a while, I had to pack sticks into my online matches because so few people played with it. However, because Lucid Games has a long racing history, VGC sources say they still trust them enough to get Twisted Metal. The team’s founders previously worked for Bizarre Creations, where both Project Gotham Racing and Blur were made, and Lucid himself helped develop Need for Speed ​​Payback.

Sony this spring told its investors that they wanted to invest more in service-based games, and a free-to-play version of Twisted Metal would fit into that vision.

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