App comparison feature on Google Play Store

Google is testing an option in the Play Store that allows you to compare apps in the same category, making it easier to select.

It should be stated that testing a particular feature does not mean that it will end up in the public release of the application, but in any case, the subject of our article would make quite a lot of sense. The “Compare” menu appears at the bottom of the app datasheet in an experimental version. Currently, only media players can be compared with it, but it is already evident how useful such an option can be. Apps are compared based on factors such as offline playback, visual quality, ease of use, interface, and ability to project the content you’re playing onto your TV or not. The android police team became attentive to the feature.

This new option is most likely based on feedback from users who prefer to write reviews under different apps. This way, we could not only choose the best one for us based on the score, but we could also look at several aspects. Many times, by the way, an app is scored or scored for really amazing reasons, so the number of stars cannot be said to be authentic in all respects. It is a personal experience that a three-star app often solves the annoying problem that more rated apps have not solved.

Either way, this new feature is only part of a testing process and is only available to certain users for now. If your device is running Google Play Store version 22.4.28, there’s a chance you’ll see compare, which hopefully will be included in the final version because the ability to compare apps based on certain criteria would shorten the path to finding the right software for you.

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