Apple greets the Year of the Tiger with special devices

We have become accustomed to Apple greeting the Chinese New Year in its way. It won’t be any different this year, and it’s no coincidence that a tiger symbol will be on the redesigned devices this time.

The Chinese calendar treats the beginning of the year differently: the year 2022, the year of the Tiger, begins on February 1 and runs until January 31, 2023. Apple pays homage to Lunar New Year every year with limited edition devices, and it won’t be any different now.

Apple has announced a limited edition Beats Studio Buds that is sure to hit users like all other limited edition devices. In honor of the Year of the Tiger, the earphone and case are red with gold motifs, but everything else is the same as the standard edition.

Another device will feature the tiger motif, an AirTagen. This limited edition is a little striking: it’s a white AirTag with an adorable tiger emoji engraved on the back.

The first 20,000 shoppers in Japan to buy an iPhone on January 2nd or 3rd will get the little widget finder for free. There will be so few of these devices, and only a particular circle will access them can make this Tiger AirTag a scarce Apple product.

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