Apple unveils exciting new features – here’s what’s most important

Apple will also hold its regular annual developer conference online this year, with the opening day of which we’ve received all the important software innovations that affect users.

What was strange in 2020 became a natural one this year: Apple reopened its usual annual developer conference, WWDC, without an audience.

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Tim Cook said last year was also one of the most inquisitive wide. In his introduction, he even praised the developers, who the Apple chief said would make the world a better place.

Silence, order, discipline

The word was then given to Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president of software development, to be the first to reveal all the changes that users will receive with the arrival of the new iPhone operating system, iOS 15. (iOS 15 will be released as usual in the second half of the year.)

As in the past year, iOS will make a lot of difference, but these will be worth looking for, not primarily in appearances but also features.

He first talked about changes to FaceTime, which we wrote about in this article. The software has many new features for users, and what’s extra is that even Android users and Windows 10 users can participate in video calls with it. In total, however, you’ve been given features that might otherwise be available on other services.

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With the arrival of iOS 15, the Messages app will also be renewed, making future content sent by partners much more transparent: articles, music, or photos. For the former, you’ll see a Shared with your section in Apple News and Apple Music, where apps will line up content and playlists that you’ve previously received in messages. And if we get more photos at once, the app will organize them to find them more transparently.

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The latter feature already makes you feel that Apple has been trying to keep one thing in mind this year: the user’s time. All of this is excellent news for those who don’t like it when apps constantly bombard them with notifications when they need to focus on something else.

Craig Federighi promised to fix this in iOS 15 by rethinking notifications. On the one hand, they’re getting a new look, so it’s even easier to see who’s texting us in the future or which app you’ve just notified on your phone.

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More importantly, the operating system will help us really focus on our tasks. Notifications will be sorted by which apps we use most often. In addition, if you set up your work, you will only be notified by party or apps that may be related to your work. What they are is learned based on our user habits.

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Another useful feature is that Spotlight lets you find photos on your device. You can use these to remove text, and even if a phone number is seen on it, you can start dialling it with a single touch.

Apple’s services have received major facelifts from Apple Maps and the weather app, and U.S. users will be able to add their ID cards to Apple’s wallet in the future.

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Music to our ears

At the opening of WWDC 2021, another beneficial innovation was mentioned: AirPods pro owners can rejoice in. The Cupertino company announced that in the future, the device would help those with mild hearing loss. The gadget’s microphones will amplify the voice of the person who’s talking to us, making it easier for us to understand his words.

There’s also another new feature coming with iOS 15. Announce Notifications consists of transmitting only important notifications to the user’s ear when needed so that people are not disturbed by constant threshing. And another good news on the AirPods front: they’ve developed a little on the Find My app, so the device will signal if your AirPods might fall out of your ear while walking and you won’t notice.


Apple has long sought to keep users’ data safe, and the company is now strengthening it on several fronts. One of these features is Mail Privacy Protection, which hides a user’s IP address, location, and when and how to open a letter. As a result, companies will not obtain information about the person to whom they send the advertisement.

Also, for the safety of users is hide my email, which, when turned on, creates a disposable email address for them. This is useful if they don’t want to find out who sent the message or get unsolicited mail in their account.

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With iOS 15, there’s another security feature: a report that shows which parts of your device an app has access to and which websites you’ve been connected to while browsing, giving you roughly an idea of who’s trying to get your data.

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And speaking of protection: Siri may be given several commands to perform offline in the future. Speaking of Siri, Apple’s digital assistant will soon be available on third-party devices.

A new system for machines

While iOS 15 is the most talked about, we should also remember that a new operating system will be coming to Macs this year. This year it was named macOS Monterey, which does not include such fundamental changes as big sur, unveiled in 2020, but the system has been finer.

One of these fine-tunings has resulted in Universal Control, making keyboard and mouse use on Apple devices smoother than before – on macs and iPads.

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In addition, AirPlay will make it easy for users to share content, such as music, between their devices.

Safari has also received a minor update, which will be felt mainly by those who work with many browser tabs. Apple has made them easier to use, and the group is reflected not only in macOS but also in iOS and iPad. Best of all, browser extensions will be available on mobile.

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