Apple Watch Series 7 comes with a Series 6 processor

Contrary to rumors, the Apple Watch Series 7 hasn’t got the modern, more angular design that many expect, and that’s not all. This year’s Apple Watch appears to have the same processor as the 2020 Apple Watch Series 6.

During the presentation, Apple did not say a word about the performance of the Apple Watch Series 7. In general, it was noted that the new devices were more energy-efficient and faster, but we could not hear anything concrete. So it is on the Apple website, where there is no mention of the chip that runs the Series 7 models.

On the other hand, developer Steve Troughton-Smith confirmed that the Apple Watch Series 7 has precisely the same processor as the Apple Watch Series 6 released last year. based on the latest version of Xcode.

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The Apple Watch Series 6 and Series 7 feature a processor codenamed “t8301”. This suggests that Series 7 uses the same internal components for the CPU.

This would not be the first time Apple has reused one of its processors in another product. However, as noted by developer Guilherme Rambo, Apple doesn’t even use a slightly redesigned version of the Apple Watch Series 6 CPU. The fact that the Series 7 has the same chip as its predecessor confirms some theories that Apple has wholly rethought this year’s Apple Watch at the last minute.

According to him – and based on rumors of manufacturing issues – it could easily be that Apple set aside the new design at the last minute and transferred only some aspects of the new watch to the finally announced Series 7.

While the iPhone 13 and iPad mini six will be available for purchase tomorrow, the Apple Watch Series 7 will only arrive sometime later in the year. Detailed product specifications have not been disclosed.

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