Top Best 123movies Alternative Sites for 2022

These are some of the best websites to stream movies online

Everyone would go to the website to watch the movie they wanted to watch while knowing they would get a good show. Sadly, this website was taken down in 2018. For those who desire to watch movies online, there is yet hope.

There are some 123Movies alternatives. One can look through various websites and choose the one they want. After that, students can watch any movies and TV shows they like.

Why has 123Movies been discontinued?

Not only do various nations have varying streaming laws, but they also have varying penalties for disobeying those laws. For instance, in other countries, you could only receive a warning when the authorities discover you are downloading illegal information, but in Germany, you be penalized pretty heavily. Since no files are left on a person’s computer after viewing a stream, it is much more challenging to prosecute using streaming services like 123Movies, even though your IP address makes it simple to find.

Not all countries aggressively pursue those who utilize unlawful streaming services to enforce the law. Instead of going after individual viewers, the authorities frequently target those disseminating the information. However, if you reside in a nation that strictly prosecutes copyright violations, you risk receiving a hefty fee in the mail.

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List of the Best Sites Like 123Movies in 2022

Over 20,000 distinct movie titles were supplied by these sites when exploring the internet for alternatives to There are over 100,000 TV episodes to choose from. If a person wants the best variety of TV series and movies, they should bookmark one of these sites.

1. Vumoo

Watch Free Movies Online

This is a website where you can watch movies and TV series online. There is an extensive selection, and the episodes and movies on this website are often updated. This website has the same interface as Netflix, making it secure and straightforward. The site is simple to navigate, and there is an extensive range to pick from.

2. 5Movies


Another straightforward 123Movies substitute that has been around for a while is 5Movies. The site’s user interface is straightforward, and navigating it is simple. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit may be used to share movies.

Keep frequently returning because the site is updated frequently. The most recent additions are displayed on the site, along with sound collection recommendations.

3. MovieWatcher


Another website to view movies online for free, in addition to 123Movies, is GoMovies. The website’s homepage makes it simple to locate the most popular movies or TV episodes. This site is well-regarded since we can readily locate videos thanks to its user-friendly layout.

If you frequently use 123Movies, you should check out this website because it is similar to 123Movies. HD movies are available on it. There is a Box office category part where you can get a list of the most recent films if you wish to view the most recent release.

4. Fmovies


One of the top websites for anyone looking to watch movies online is Fmovies. Once you’ve loaded it, you’ll think that this website is superior to movies123. Additionally, you may watch television serials and online series on this website. You can find the most fantastic categories on Fmovies, including Most Popular, New Releases, Top Rating, and others.

5. Yes!Movie


Let’s say that at that time, we discuss a free movie site or sites like 123movies. Yes! The first website that comes to mind is the movie. You may watch any movie or television show for free on our website, thanks to its enormous database.

Any movie or television show is also available for free download. If you are one of those who usually prefer movie subtitles, then this site is for you. The best part about this site is speed; this site’s speed is much faster than others; it loads the page within a second.

6. Cartoon HD

Even though this website has been there for a while, many people are unaware that they may view movies and TV series there. Nothing has to be downloaded to view the movies and TV episodes. A person may view these films and television programs on their computer.

With their iPhones, they can even view them while on the road. It’s simple to navigate this website. Anyone may find this website by searching for “Cartoon HD” online. Despite being a reputable website, users should ensure an adblocker is set up on their phone or computer.

7. Go Movies

go movies

This website grew in popularity in 2017 and is regarded as being user-friendly. Go movies will be displayed if someone visits On this website, users may stream movies in HD quality and watch them online. Both free movies and free TV shows are readily available for viewing.

8. Streaming Sites


Regarding 123 alternatives, streaming websites are a completely new idea. It provides a vast array of possibilities for watching movies and television shows, but on a whole new level. You may easily view all live websites like 123Moves using streaming sites.

Not only are all the websites operational, they are also simple to visit and geolocation-free. You may thus go on to streaming sites and select any site you wish to stream video if you are bored of hunting for all the alternatives to 123Movies.


That’s all there is to this post. I hope you like it and were able to discover my website. Additionally, I mentioned one tip above. The “ad-blocker” Google Chrome addon is available for download.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is using 123movies illegal?

We say probably because each country and area has its policy on copyrighted material piracy. Most governments attempt to safeguard intellectual property by illegally downloading (and hence streaming) copyrighted information. However, some governments permit it for personal use or permit it entirely.

When was 123Movies discontinued?

Users were advised to “honor filmmakers by paying for movies and TV episodes” in a message on the site’s home page on March 19, 2018, announcing its closure.

What alternative exists to 123Movies?

Many websites, like Vumoo, GoMovies, Fmovies, Solar Movie, Yes Movie, Showbox, and Putlockers, provide services similar to those of 123Movies. You may also look at the alternatives to 123Movies listed above.

Beware of Mirror Sites

As previously stated, 123Movies was formally shut down in 2018. Every website that looks like 123Movies or uses its name after that is a replica or mirror of that site. These replicas make every effort to resemble the original. The drawback is that anybody might be the owner.

This may indicate that some of these mirrors are being utilized to distribute malware, as we’ve already mentioned. Furthermore, because these mirrors may easily be pulled down and then re-erected under a different name, it is challenging to denounce them to the authorities.

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