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5 Best Free WhatsApp Sticker Packs

Add some flavor to your WhatsApp chats!

WhatsApp stickers are a terrific way to spice up your discussions by adding a ton of color, one-liners, and cartoon characters. By default, WhatsApp doesn’t offer a sizable variety of emojis. Still, if you explore the app a little deeper, you can find a vast array of sticker packs that you can download to expand your collection of emojis and photos.

We still like using stickers on WhatsApp to talk with one another, despite regular updates to the emoji that comes with Android and iOS. This is because emojis are only emoticons without words, which is a bit boring. At the same time, stickers may blend text, emojis, and images to convey complex emotions and meanings.

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The Best Way to Download WhatsApp Stickers

There are several built-in sticker packs in WhatsApp that you can download with a single click. Open the program, then press the emoji symbol in the bottom left corner of the screen to get started.

To view the sticker list, click the plus (+) symbol. To add a sticker to your sticker library, scroll through the list until you locate the one you want, then hit the download option immediately next to it. To view the recently used or downloaded stickers, you may click on the recent button, and all the stickers should be there.


One of the top sticker packs available,, has a vast selection of WhatsApp stickers that thousands of users have contributed. Using the built-in “Auto Cut” tool, which recognizes outlines in your photographs and automatically cuts them, it is even simple to build and submit your sticker packs (with sometimes unintentionally funny results, such as a pack of strangely angular cat faces we came across).

There are many kinds of stickers, including fun stickers, love-themed stickers, motivational messages for your WhatsApp Status page, memes, and “Lovely Donald Trump” stickers. The selection is astounding, and the Prank sticker pack from this software deserves praise.

Download Link:

2. Stickers For WhatsApp – WAStickerapps

Stickers for WhatsApp is one of the quickest expanding collections of WhatsApp stickers. The Google Play Store has a download link for this. The set includes a sizable number of HD WhatsApp stickers, and new ones are always being added. There are funny meme, emoji, and even portrait stickers of well-known people and celebrities. They also provide several Fortnite stickers and ones based on well-known mobile games if you’re a player.

Download Link: WAStickerapps

3. WAStickerApps meme & Rage Faces & Comics stickers

Some of the most popular WhatsApp sticker genres include meme stickers and cartoons. The wrath face meme is one of the most well-known. You’ve probably occasionally encountered this silly face. These furies face WhatsApp sticker packs would be a perfect addition to your collection, whether you’re trying to convey a strong sentiment or want a good chuckle during a text discussion.

Download Link: Rage Face

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4. Egg and Chup

This sticker set, called Egg and Chup, features an odd ballerina egg with a pout on its face and what looks to be a tomato companion. Even though the stickers don’t precisely convey any particular feelings (though they are rather endearing for loving couples), the animations are so adorable that you’ll be giving this sticker set to pals.

Download Link: Egg and Chup

5. Anime Stickers

Using this sticker set, you may add all your favorite anime characters to your WhatsApp sticker collection. Each anime title included in the sticker pack has a sizable amount of stickers. You may choose from series like Dragonball, Bleach, One Piece, and Attack on Titan. It’s the ideal option for adding vibrant stickers to chats.

Download Link: Anime Stickers

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When it comes to adding stickers to WhatsApp, there are no restrictions. Your words can be as deep, vibrant, and humorous as you choose. These are just a handful of the sticker collections available for download. There are a ton more of these. You may even create and personalize your own WhatsApp sticker packs if you’re inspired.


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