Box Office USA: Disney Applauds 200 Million for Jungle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt looked like a stuffed summer blockbuster. Disney has spent roughly $ 200 million on a family-friendly film reminiscent of classic movie theatres, adapting an adventure park adventure tour like the Pirates of the Caribbean, and has been enthusiastically promoted by protagonists in recent days. However, the Jungle Cruise could not produce an opening weekend that would have made it one of the greatest successes of the pandemic period.

The film mowed a total of $ 34.2 million at ticket offices overseas. It opened 61.8 million worldwide, like the Black Widow suing the studio the Jungle Cruise ad. It was shown in parallel in cinemas and Disney +, bringing in an additional $ 30 million through Premier Access, thanks to payers. That’s still a little over $ 90 million in total, well below the Black Widow’s 158 million openings worldwide, which only includes cinema revenue.

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Jungle Cruise, however, was well ahead of The Green Knight, which opened for 6.8 million. Still, for the fantasy creators who process the Arthurian proverb, this second place will likely be a bigger success than the first in Disney’s adventure film. David Lowey’s film was made on a much smaller budget and was screened with an R rating. Slipped to third place is M. Night Shyamalan’s new thriller, Time, which opened quite weakly the previous week and can now barely overtake the Black Widow on the fourth week’s show in terms of revenue.

Stillwater opened for $ 5.1 million, in which Matt Damon plays an oil rig worker who travels to Europe to rescue his daughter accused of murder. Space Jam slipped to sixth place: A New Beginning, overtaking the Snake Eye, which had fallen a great deal the previous week, with a huge drop in interest over the second weekend, raising just $ 4.2 million. In the Deadly Pace, 9th continues to hold on to the Top 10, as do Infinite Maze 2 and Mr Baby: A Family Matter.

So the Dwayne Johnsons didn’t manage to blow up the box office, but in Hungarian cinemas, the Jungle Cruise went maybe a little better – it will be revealed tomorrow. It is also worth mentioning that the Suicide Squad, which debuted in America and Hungary only next week, has already been presented in five countries (including the UK and France) and has already raised $ 7 million in some 2,500 halls, which is quite remarkable. In a week, it will be revealed whether James Gunn’s DC-rated R-rated film, which features superheroes, will sound that way overseas as well.

# Title Income Budget
Weekend Sum- World-
1 (-) Jungle Cruise 34.2M 34.2M 61.8M 200M
2 (-) The Green Knight 6,8M 6,8M n.a. 9-22M
3 (1) Time 6.7M 30.6M 35,3M 18M
4 (3) Black Widow 6.4M 167.1M 322.6M 200M
5 (-) Stillwater 5.1M 5.1M n.a. 20M
6 (4) Space Jam: A new beginning 4,3M 60.7M 195,2M 150M
7 (2) Snake Eye – GI Joe: The Beginnings 4,2M 22,3M n.a. 88-110M
8 (5) Deadly pace 9. 2.6M 168,5M 641.7M 200-225M
9 (6) Infinite maze 2. 2M 20.4M 29,5M 15M
10 (7) Mr Baby: A family affair 1,3M 53.4M 70,3M 82M

Figures are in dollars. The table shows the last week’s position in parentheses next to the current position, nothing for a new entrant. Revenue data is from the Box Office Guru.

Box Office Monitor: 2021/29. week (Time, Snake’s Eye – GI Joe: The Beginnings, Black Widow)
Box Office Monitor: 2021/28. week (Space Jam: New Beginning, Black Widow, Infinite Maze 2.)
Box Office Monitor: 2021/27. week (Black Widow, Deadly Pace 9, Mr Baby: Family Case)
Box Office Observer: 2021/26. week (Deadly 9th, Mr Baby, Forever Purge)
Box Office Observer: 2021/25. week (Deadly pace 9th, Soundless 2nd, Much more than bodyguard 2nd)

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