Chinese students have filed a lawsuit against Apple for not adding a charger to the iPhone 12

Last year, the maker of Apple gadgets decided not to put a charger in the iPhones’ box anymore and take the wired EarPods out of it.

The Vice wrote that five Chinese students had filed a lawsuit against Apple for selling newer iPhones today without a charger. Last year, the manufacturer decided to take the charger and wired headset, EarPods, out of the phone box. The decision was based on many iPhone owners having two or three such accessories, which is also not good for the environment.

However, Chinese students believe that Apple’s decision is not really about protecting nature. According to them, the company wants to save money, which may even be true: the production of 5G iPhones is higher.

In their submission, the students also claim – which was made as part of a legal competition – that Apple is diverting customers to newer MagSafe devices by leaving the chargers. The company says it encourages the consumer to spend even more – in addition to the already expensive phone.

According to Vice, the litigants are demanding just $ 16, roughly 5,000 yuan, for the lawsuit costs and for the company to provide a wall charger for one of their devices. This is an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The portal recalls a similar case by a Brazilian regulator fined Apple $ 2 million earlier this year.

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