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4 Best Apps for Creating Custom Widgets for Your iPad

Unable to locate the ideal widget to include on your iPad home screen? To make your widget, download one of these applications.

Although Apple now allows you to add widgets to your iPad Home Screen, there are still few choices for customizing the widgets. It isn’t much else you can modify besides the size and perhaps toggling between a few different viewpoints.

You’ll need to use a third-party program to create your widgets if you want colorful widgets, a more modern Home Screen look, widgets with alternative fonts, or widgets with more functionality. Here are four iPad applications you may use to get your widget-making adventure off to a good start.

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1. Widgetsmith

For those who wish to give your widgets a little more color or personality, Widgetsmith is another fantastic iPad software. Similar to Color Widgets, you can construct Widgetsmith widgets that display countdowns, images, quotes, and even sun and moon phases. There is a lot to discover in Widgetsmith, and if you decide to subscribe, there will be much more.

As you’ll observe, there isn’t a preview while installing Widgetsmith widgets. Label your widgets in the Widgetsmith app’s Widgets tab to make life easy for yourself. To swap between your named widgets, long-press the Widgetsmith widget and select the Edit widget. You can only change to widgets of the same size, just like with the Color Widget.

Download Link: Widgetsmith

2. Widgeridoo

Widgeridoo may be what you require if you prefer useful information to simply some flair in your widgets on your iPhone, iPad, and even the most acceptable Mac. With Widgeridoo, you have the power to freely mix several data blocks into a single widget while also getting to pick the size of each block. Calendar events, birthdays, text and graphic content, dates and countdowns, health information, websites through JSON, battery life, and more may all be shown by the widgeridoo. If you want to add some fashionable flare, you may modify elements like the color of your blocks.

Download Link: Widgeridoo

3. Color Widgets

Color Widgets is an app made to assist you in making ordinary widgets colorful and attractive if you’re tired of the standard widget colors. The software is free, and you can do a lot without spending a dime, but you can purchase the Pro edition if you want complete access to all the themes and widget settings.

Once the program has been downloaded, open it up and select the Widgets option at the bottom of the screen. Numerous widgets, including countdown clocks and calendars, are available here.

Download Link: Color Widgets

4. OneWidget

Another widget-making app competitor is OneWidget, but this one undoubtedly seems more promising. OneWidget offers a large selection of elegant widget template designs that you may edit to your liking. Clock, date, system information, reminders and to-dos, desktop calendars or agendas, life counters, and other features may all be included in OneWidget widgets.

You may modify every aspect of your widgets, including their colors and styles, and they can have up to four functions in one. Additionally, you may preview the widget in the app before installing it if you’re unsure how it will appear on your Home screen.

Download Link: OneWidget

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If you have a lot of free time, making your widget using one of these methods is lovely. But if you use pre-existing third-party programs like Google Maps or Apollo, you might already be able to discover the widgets you’re searching for.

We can all personalize our iPhone Home screens to suit our tastes thanks to iOS 14. You may customize it to your preferences, whether you’re using an iPhone SE or an iPhone 13, as long as iOS 14 or later is installed. Additionally, it would be best if you aimed to pair an attractive Home screen with a top-notch case.


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