Daniel Radcliffe revealed which Harry Potter character (s) would love to play in a reboot

In mid-July, it was the tenth anniversary of the screening of the last Harry Potter film in cinemas, with Daniel Radcliffe saying goodbye to the role of the little survivor after a full decade and eight films. The English actor says he thinks gratefully for the franchise and the filming that accompanied his teenage years, but he doesn’t miss the blockbusters. Over the past decade, he has rather saddled into the world of independent films and has also tried his hand on the Broadway stage. However, in a podcast conversation, he revealed which characters would be interested in shaping the HP reboot.

The most obvious choice would be James Potter. As everyone said, Harry spat out a copy of his father, only inheriting his eyes from his mother. Of course, the older Potter can only be found in a few memories, and Radcliffe, unlike Tom Felton, who plays Draco, would not play the father of his own character, but rather James’ best friends. “Maybe I’d choose Sirius Black or Remus Lupine. They’ve always been characters I thought were great. […] Of course, I’m obviously biased because the scenes I shot with [the actors playing the characters] are among my fondest memories. I thought they were very cool. them.”

Sirius Black and Remus Lupine first appeared in the third film Harry Potter and Azkaban Prisoner, starring Gary Oldman and David Thewlis. In their Hogwarts student years, Sirius and Lupine were James Gryffindor classmates and together (with Peter Pettigrew / Wormtail) made a map of the Scrolls. For Harry, the two of them — but primarily his godfather, Sirius — became father figures. By the way, Radcliffe had already talked about HP being his favourite actor after HP 3, and that year he also revealed that he had learned from him to play the Beatles Come Together on bass guitar.

This year’s wizarding franchise is a double anniversary. After the 2nd tenth anniversary of the Relics of Death, it will be the twentieth anniversary of the introduction of the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, in the fall. Radcliffe said in a statement recently that he does not know how he will be celebrated. “There’s definitely going to be some celebration, but I don’t know if we’ll meet [the rest of the cast] or anything like that. I’m sorry to disappoint everyone a little bit with this.”

Not only is Harry Potter anniversary on movie screens this year, but LEGO had also released its first HP kit twenty years ago. And to the delight of this, the game company delights the now-adult fans of the magic story with a new set of 3,000 pieces.

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