David Neres Showdown SBC Review

As part of Showdown SBC, David Neres and Edin Dzeko entered the EA game, commemorating their two teams’ due strength test. Our article examines the former thoroughly.

In addition to the Champions League, the Europa League matches have reached a more severe milestone. The struggle intensifies as the number of teams decreases. Currently, both European series are in the quarterfinals to squeeze in for eight more units, but that will change dramatically this week. Perhaps the most prominent “derby” of the second-line Europa League fights is undoubtedly the AS Roma, Ajax clashes. With this in mind, we got one player from the two patinated teams, two blood strikers. Notably, Edin Dzeko, the Bosnian classic Roman side, has turned many places, and David Neres has been the uncut diamond of Ajax for years.

The point of Showdown SBCs is slap simple, if the teams play a draw with each other, both cards will gain a +1 rating, and if one of them wins the match, a +2 upgrade will hit the owner’s mark.

It goes hand in hand with the story that AS Roma could shape the first match away on its own, so you can expect a second clash at home from a favorable 2-1 position.

I think there’s plenty of wrinkle stitching on this Neres card already, as he’s one of the most dangerous members of his team every week. As you take a close look at your statistics, you’re already struck by the absolute difference compared to the plain version. At its speed, it makes it virtually pointless to draw anything, as it was endowed with double 96 values. In his shot, the Long Shot (80) is a bit low, but the other values ​​are close to 90, which is why we can’t consider it a weak point either. In addition to all significant moments in the ball line, we can be aware of values ​​above 90, which is a deadly combo with such speed.

I’ve played against the card a couple of times before, and there was little or no way to catch it. Moments Boateng, Freeze Casemiro moves with me in the middle of the back shape, just in need of completeness.

Let’s turn to the necessary conditions for its replacement:

Team classification: min 80
Number of Ajax players: min 1
Team of the Week page number: min 1
Team consensus: min 80
Reward: Electrum Players Pack

Team classification: min 85
Number of Brazilian players: min 1
Team of the Week page number: min 1
Team consensus: min 65
Reward: Rare Gold Pack
SBC Price Monitoring Platforms:

XBOX: 150,750 chips

PS: 165,500 Chips

PC: 180,000 Chips

Then, we can see that we don’t have to go too deep into the chip stack when we vote for Neres. They can be integrated smoothly into a Brazilian or Dutch league association, so they are not such a problem.

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