Discord suffers a partial outage that prevents you from sending text messages

As we can see on the Discord services status page itself, the social network has problems with its servers. Users are having difficulty sending and receiving text and picture messages. In principle, this affects all messages, both through servers and in private messages.

Some users are also having trouble connecting to Discord voice channels. Still, users who have run into this issue while connected to a voice channel have not seen themselves disconnected, so the problem lies with the connection. Initial to the voice channel.

At the time of writing, just 20 minutes after the start of the fault investigation, the Discord team seems to have discovered the source of the problem, and mitigations are being applied, which has made the service stabilize.

It is to be hoped that it will take a few more minutes to confirm that the service is working as it should. Still, for now, it isn’t easy to know if these mitigations will be enough or if the service is already fully functional again, something that before an inspection initial, it seems to be so.

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