DOTA 2 will no longer support PCs with outdated operating systems

The MOBA DOTA 2, published in 2013 and is a Valve development, is one of the defining titles in sports. It is powered by version 2 of the Source engine.

As a significant sport, it must evolve; hence the game’s official website has declared that compatibility for outdated PC setups is no longer available.

The International 2021 tournament, which will take place in Bucharest on September 22, is approaching, and the championship, which will last until October, is coming. In this context, Valve has revealed that DOTA 2 would undergo considerable modifications, including removing support for 32-bit platforms.

The developers described this as follows: “The technology that supports Dota has evolved, both hardware and software, as the game has grown and expanded. To keep the game and the Source 2 engine up to date, some older systems and […] We can streamline our development efforts and take advantage of newer capabilities in these APIs to give an even better Dota experience by deleting obsolete technology.”

We didn’t get a specific date, but in the coming months, we’ll be permanently transitioning from Valve’s 32-bit to 64-bit architecture, which means DOTA 2 will require a PC with 64-bit architecture and an operating system. MOBA also no longer supports macOS versions before 10.14, DirectX 9 (which can be played with DirectX 11), OpenGL (which has been replaced by Vulkan), and XAudio (which has been replaced by Vulkan) (replaced by SDL Audio).

Most consumers would not notice the switch or loss of compatibility, according to the release, because most configurations and operating systems are 64-bit and employ other technologies.

Since 2013, DOTA has been accessible on PCs running Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. (OS X).


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