Elden Ring: Players find pretty wild things in the demo version

Elden Ring is the next promising game from FromSoftware that makes great strides in combining the Soulsborne formula and some of Sekiro’s novelties (such as theft ) in a vast, open-world whose background story George RR Martin helped develop. The game is even further away, but we were also lucky enough to take part in last week’s closed technical test, in which some of the over-curious players made a very terrible discovery: they came across a brutal opponent.

The trial version had several limitations, so for example, we could only choose from five character classes, and only a fraction of the open world could be explored. The latter is true in principle, as virtually ingenious players have found a way to extend the boundaries of the trial version. As usual from the Dark Souls, a white, foggy texture delimited the playing field, making videos of their successful breakthrough or circumvention. According to them, it is not so challenging to go through the white fog, and the test version allows you to discover quite a lot up to the giant bear. Or what the hell you could see in the recording below.

Thanks to the brutal attacks of a monster that is even more powerful and deadly than the grizzly bear, it practically takes the player’s life force down with two blows, and there’s not much you can do about it because of its speed. Or at least as fast as my giant white monkey in Sekiro and hitting bigger ones than the bosses in the Soulsborne, plus it is reported to cause poisoning and bleeding to guarantee the You Died caption. It can be defeated, of course, especially the smaller specimens, and according to the attached video, the earth swallowed the giant cat at some point in the fight. It could happen to the player anyway. For example, this is how the fun ends in this other recording, even though he has discovered a boss named Crucible Knight Floh, who is invisible in this part of the test version.

The bears will probably be included in the full version, and they will undoubtedly prove to be such formidable opponents. The Elden Ring will arrive on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X / S on February 25, 2022. Here you can read about how and with what settings the game will run on different platforms, and in this article, we will explain how the unusual multiplayer section of Elden Ring will work.

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