Elon Musk trolled Apple’s 25 dollar towel

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled a new store on Twitter

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled a new store on Twitter, including Elon Musk. SpaceX’s head is tied to one of the company’s new products.

Just a few days ago, Apple launched a special wipe that, according to their wording, can safely clean all Apple screens. However, the product, which costs $25, was figured out by several people, including SpaceX’s head, Elon Musk.

Musk, who was traveling in rockets, poked at a comment shared on the Internet that he signed under a post by Tim Cook. The CEO informed his followers and customers about opening a new Apple store in Istanbul, but the announcement also came to Musk. Cook wrote he was looking forward to customers entering the “beautiful” store before Musk added that.

visitors will surely also look at the expensive shawl.

However, the comment was just oil on the fire, as Musk has long been an Apple user. And he wrote the post about an iPhone, which is known from the fact that Twitter automatically indicates who is communicating his texts from which device or interface.

The owner of SpaceX also received some comments. On the one hand, they pointed out that his other company, Tesla, also sells strange porters, including, for example, wine bottles, blankets, and even umbrellas. And these are also not cheap: the umbrella, for instance, is $60.

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