Encanto: The first hover of Disney’s next big animated film about a not-so-special member of a special family has arrived

Autumn can’t pass without a new all-night Disney tale, and now the first preview of the legendary studio’s latest animated film has arrived. At first glance, Encanto may be reminiscent of Coco, as we’re in Latin America again. Still, the incredible family movies may come to mind as a family with special abilities is at the centre of the story. That is, one of the family’s children, in whom the special thing about his family members is that he is completely average.

According to the synopsis of the animated film, Madrigento is an extraordinary family whose members live among the hidden mountains of Colombia in a magical house located in a magical village called Elcanto. Thanks to the place’s charm, every family member has special abilities: some are super strong, but some can heal. There is one exception among them, namely the protagonist of the tale, 15-year-old Mirabel. One day, however, the girl discovers that the magic surrounding Encanto is in danger and decides that she will save the family as the only average Madrigal.

The protagonist’s voice is borrowed from Stephanie Beatriz ( LEGO Adventure 2 ), who said Mirabel is a hilarious and devoted character who craves something more. “I’m not afraid to stand up for things you know are right. I really like that, and I can relate to it,” the actress said.

Jared Bush wrote Elcanto’s screenplay ( Vaiana, Zootropolis ), and Charise Castro Smith also co-directed the film with Byron Howard (Zootropolis, Golden Hair and The Big Tangle). The animated tale will be shown in American cinemas on November 24, and a poster was added:


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