EXCLUSIVE: The Blind Man introduces some very creative assassins in Don’t Breathe’s 2nd new adult preview

The Blind Man is more dangerous than ever

Eight years after the Don’t Breathe, presented in 2016, the sequel plot takes place, in which Stephen Lang returns as the Cruel Blind Man. Stage 2 of the Don’t Breathe was written by Fede Álvarez and Rodo Sayagues like the first part, but now Sayagues sat in the director’s chair instead of Álvarez. The horror film has now received a new preview for adults in which we can see that Norman, i.e., the Blind Man, has not become more gentle over the years.

Jane Levy, who plays Rocky, does not return to the sequel, the basic situation of the new story is that Norman has adopted an orphaned eleven-year-old girl (Madelyn Grace), whom she is raising to survive. Although his methods are not the most common, they seem to live happily ever after until their peace is disturbed by burglars who kidnap the girl. The Blind Man, however, does not sit with his hands on his lap and teaches the new team more.

In the new preview, we can see the Blind Man press the eyes of one burglar into his skull and glue his mouth and nose together to another, and Norman also proves that he can aim excellently, even blindly. Don’t Breathe 2 would have arrived initially in Hungarian cinemas on August 12, but the show has been postponed, and there is no official premiere date yet.

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