Facebook’s camera sunglasses has been leaked

Oops! too soon

Ray-Ban Stories is unveiled today, Thursday. I’m sure it’s a way to make videos.

On September 9, Facebook will hold the official launch of its new product, sunglasses made in collaboration with Ray-Ban, they said earlier. However, Evan Blass, who usually had information about similar events earlier, remained true to his name again and published the official product photos of the glasses hours before the planned presentation:

Based on these, three models can be expected, but there is probably no difference in knowledge. Furthermore, it became clear from the pictures that the sunglasses could record video, as they also have a camera hole on their side, at the edge of the frame. And we may already have some idea of the quality of the recording, as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been using the product for days. In doing so, he recorded several videos. Here’s another one:

There is not even a rough record of the price of the glasses, but it is certain that the box also contains an eye-opening case and the cable needed for charging. The product is also called Ray-Ban Stories by Facebook, indicating that the images and videos taken with it can also be shared in the Stories section of the social media site. But for now, it’s just speculation.

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