Free Games for the Weekend

Space engineers and hospital directors

The most interesting free game of the weekend is clear that it will be a superhero title, but otherwise, the current offer is pretty colourful. Let’s also see how we can beat time to death with everything!

The first instalment of Games with Gold’s August gift games will be available on Sunday, with Microsoft finally making a little bit of a deal this month. One of the free games is Darksiders 3, the latest instalment of the hack – & – slash franchise in which another rider of the apocalypse, Fury, can be taken into battle. And even free is Lost Planet 3, a rear-view sci-fi shooter in which we destroy alien creatures on a frosty planet. Darksiders 3 can be stored until August 31, while Lost Planet 3 can only be stored until August 15 (but it will also launch on Xbox 360).

Speaking of Free Play Days, two games can now be pushed for free by Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. One is Space Engineers, which was about adventuring in space (and planets) while building and repairing spaceships. The other title is Two Point Hospital, the managerial game in which we have to make hospitals that cure untoward diseases a success (beware, there’s English humour in it!).

By the way, the trial version of Two Point Hospital has also appeared in the Nintendo eShop, and this can be tested until August 3.

This weekend, Marvel’s Avengers will also be available for free on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Google Stadium (unfortunately, Xboxos will now be left out). It was recently revealed that the War for Wakanda accessory, which focuses on the Black Panther, will arrive on August 17th.

The Steam en just a bunch of game demos adjusted to try it out, thanks to the Dreamhack event Beyond. These are developments for small teams, but there are encouraging titles among them, such as The Riftbreaker, which builds and fights between dimensions, or the detective cyberpunk role-playing game, Gamedec.

The Steam en now the Golf With Your Friends is free to try. This is not a sports simulator but an arcade frenzy in which golf balls have to be tapped along extreme obstacle courses. Primarily fun with friends.

A travel adventure game, Wanderlust: Transsiberian, will be distributed free of charge on GOG until August 2nd. We can train 9,289 kilometres from Moscow to Vladivostok on this Trans-Siberian express, so it will also make you a holiday alternative.

Two free games from the Epic Games Store this time are Train Sim World 2 and Mothergunship. The former is a train simulator that offers a realistic experience and customizable trains. And the latter is a bullet-hell FPS in which we can assemble extreme weapons from all sorts of components.

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