From now on, we can also play PC games on Xbox

Thanks to the keyboard and mouse support of the Microsoft Edge browser running on Xbox, this article could have been written on a console. For the time being, however, I do not plan to use the machine, which represents the holy grail of entertainment and multimedia, for any kind of work, I am just indicating that such a thing is possible. What’s more, thanks to the aforementioned browser, we can even kill our time with our favorite PC games – on an Xbox.

Keyboard and mouse support – tick. Web emulation and other goodies – also a tick. PC games on console – tick. All this is thanks to the extremely well-equipped and feature-rich Microsoft Edge browser. Thanks to the further expanded capabilities of the browser, GeForce Now is now also supported, so titles that can be played through the cloud-based game service are now also available on the Xbox console. All you really need is a decent internet connection, a couple of games in your Steam or GoG account – if possible they are supported by Now – and you can start having fun.

By the way, the new option may not be useful specifically because of GeForce Now, since Game Pass Ultimate itself also offers a lot of cool games in the PC Game Pass section, moreover, some of them cannot really be played with a controller, but the keyboard/mouse support thanks to this, we can now team up with them via the cloud. Yes, let’s say an Age Of Empire episode that is in the catalog. Tom Warren, a staff member of The Verge, reported on the implementation of the option and its operation on his Twitter page. So GeForce Now works, although the story is still a bit difficult and not completely flawless. Let’s say such a precise shooting game might not be worth playing with this service for now, but adventure games, turn-based strategies, and the like can be fully functional.

Source: The Verge

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