From returning villains to multiverses, or let’s see what’s revealed in the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home!

Magic and multiverse

The first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home has finally arrived – shortly after the nasty leak – confirming that the film will be based on one of the most controversial Spider-Man comics to show how to reclaim Peter Parker’s incognito, which was unveiled at the end of Away. Doctor Strange and the multiverse are part of the plan, and he’s got some familiar, though not very friendly, faces who show up to stir things up.

Attention! Below are SPOILERS for a Marvel comic book!

The trailer reveals that Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, asks Benedict Cumberbatch’s wizard to help make sure everyone forgets he’s Spider-Man. After Spider-Man: Away ended with Mysterio revealing who his web weaver mask was hiding, it put Peter’s loved ones, MJ, Aunt May and Ned, in danger. For the world to forget that he’s Spider-Man, it takes a magic trick serious enough. Fortunately, Peter knows someone in the business.

He expects no one other than Doctor Strange to solve his problems since he can use the good old chick to make the whole world forget who the friendly Spider-Man really is. But I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. It’s no coincidence that the trailer says, “Be careful what you want, Parker.”

Let’s look at the evidence that suggests That There’s No Way Home is drawing enough from marvel comics’ infamous “One More Day” comic book story – and why Doctor Strange may be the key to solving Spider-Man’s identity crisis.

Comic inspirations for No Way Home: Civil War and Another Day

First of all, we need to go back to the comic book version of Civil War, which has a direct follow-up to One More Day. Peter voluntarily reveals his identity to the world to support the superhero registration law. But then he becomes a fugitive after rebelling against Iron Man and that law, and his situation becomes truly desperate when an assassin hired by the Leader shoots aunt May. Finally, he and MJ are forced to make a deal with the devil, or Mephisto, to sacrifice their marriage to save Aunt May’s life, that is, to use science and magic to make the world forget who Spider-Man’s Hanukkah is hiding.

But is that what happens on No Way Home? We have our doubts, especially since Peter’s situation in the MCU is very different. First of all, they’re not married to MJ, and he’s not the little Nile from Queens that was in the comics. According to the films, he is currently a registered superhero who faithfully follows the Socovia Convention. Plus, he has the support of the Avengers, as well as Happy Hogan and Nick Fury. You don’t have to ask Mephisto for help if you have these buddies, do you?

Yes, there’s the not-insignificant fact that Peter is charged with murder thanks to Mysterio, but it’s clear from the trailer that after the events of Away, Peter didn’t have to hide. He’s supposed to have the tools to protect his family and clear his name. He may even call on matt Murdock, most recently portrayed by Charlie Cox, to represent Peter in court. That would be nothing!

Okay, we don’t think Marvel Studios and Sony will adapt Another Day for a film. The original comic book story was divisive, and even so many years later, there is much debate online about it. While it’s certainly suspicious that the trailer shows Doctor Strange agreeing to create a very dangerous spell, against Wong’s advice, we don’t think it’s likely that Mephisto has anything to do with The No Way Home – especially since, despite the rumours, he didn’t end up peeking into WandaVision. And then there will be a lot of other villains in this movie. By the way, villains…

Villains of No Way Home: Doctor Octopus, Green Elf, Electro and others?

“Hello, Peter.” The trailer ends with the return of Doctor Octopus, played by Alfred Molina, and includes references to Willem Dafoe’s Green Elf, Jamie Foxx’s Electro, and even The Sandman. There have been ruminations of them appearing on The No Way Home, alongside Tobey Maguire and Andre Garfield, who are re-playing Spider-Man. With the trailer confirming these multiverse elements, could Peter get involved in Marvel’s multiverse and temporarily make a deal with his counterparts in other worlds to find a way home? Such a move would certainly underscore one of the comics’ important messages of strength and responsibility and give the title No Way Home an extra interpretation.

Alfred Molina and a good dose of CGI as Doctor Otto Octavius in Spider-Man: No Way Home

No Way Home may actually focus on one conflict: will Peter flee his own universe to live his old, carefree life again in a new world, or will he assume the responsibility of protecting his own world and must do so? He must make some personal sacrifices?

And if the multiverse is the key to getting Peter back his incognito, what does that mean for Strange’s future in the MCU? We already know that the events of No Turning Back are closely related to the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which arrives in 2022. If Strange is arrogant enough to think that he can manipulate space and time not only to save the world but also because of the individual needs of heroes, it can have quite serious consequences for the MCU as a whole.

Strange might prefer a chimpanzee that induces extraterrestrial.

Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and the Marvel Multiverse

As we saw in Endgame, Strange can review millions of possible timelines in just a few minutes to find the only reality in the multiverse in which the Avengers can triumph over Thanos. Could Strange be up to something like this again? Are you still looking for a universe in which Peter’s recognition has never been caught, and you’re going to merge that with the MCU timeline?

The question may arise, come on, why does Doctor Strange create such a dangerous spell for a Peter who can axe things so easily? We’ve really become accustomed to the MCU saying that magic always has some consequence. If Strange finds an alternate universe in which Spider-Man’s identity remains a secret, what will the price of interfering in it come at? Are the two worlds merging? Merging different worlds never goes bump-free, and you can slip into a cosmic biopic or two. In addition, Strange has admitted that there are still many aspects of multiverses that we do not yet understand. So he and Peter got on shaky ground.

Maybe it’s Spider-Man’s help that reveals the Madness Multiverse – but it could also be caused by Wanda acquiring Darkhold or Sylvie destroying the unified timeline. In this case, however, it would not Spider-Man, but Doctor Strange, be the real loser of this one-day-inspired conflict.

Well, that won’t come to light until December 16th at the earliest, when Spider-Man: There’s No Way Home hits theatres. How did you guys like this first trailer, and how did you feel about the possible events of the movie? Write it in the comments.


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