Google renews Chrome widgets on Android and adds the dinosaur game

Google renews Chrome widgets on Android. The change will be integrated as part of several novelties for two of its most successful products, the search engine that finds everything and the browser that crosses everything, both for Android and for PC, but since only one of them is already reaching users from all over the world, we focus our attention there, which is also more entertaining and we are on Saturday.

They tell on the Google blog, or instead, they invite, to ‘ chromify the screen of your Android ‘… how? Following in the footsteps of other of the most popular applications of the Internet giant that have already received their refresh, with the new Chrome widgets being released and announced and seen for months.

But finally, all Android users can enjoy these Chrome widgets, which update the classics towards a more modern and attractive style and be functional. It is also a change that the system had been missing, and it is that the current Chrome widgets go back a long way in time, hardly accompanying the aesthetic tweaks that Android has received.

This is what the new Chrome widgets look like on Android

As you can see in the image, the new Chrome widgets on Android retain the square aspect but rounding their edges and adding buttons to extend their functionality. They are somewhat reminiscent of the revamp that Apple gave in iOS 14. They can also be found in the new recent versions of the main alternatives to the default Android interface; see Samsung’s One Ui or Xiaomi’s MIUI.

As you can also see in the image, the traditional widget arrives this time along with a new one with quick actions, and another entirely unexpected one: none other than Chrome’s dinosaur game, the one that appears when you go offline to the Internet, and the page does not load (it is in “vivaldi://dino,” but it is famous for the other thing). Well, the game graduates and gains its shortcut.

All these changes will arrive as part of Chrome 98, whose update is already rolling out throughout the world, both for PC and Android, so if you haven’t received it yet, check to see if it’s waiting for you, though It shouldn’t take much longer to show up.

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