Guide to MTN Ghana data packages, bundles, USSD Codes 2021

We all want to be online from time to time, surfing the internet. You may be an online business person trying to get customers through social media platforms, a blogger who writes news content for the public, or a student using online learning tools; we all have one thing in common: the internet.

In this article, we will be looking at the complete guide to MTN Ghana data packages and bundle plans to choose which one is suitable for your personal use.

MTN Daily Packages

50 Pesewas *138# 1-1 20 MB
1 Cedi *138#1-1 50 MB
2 Cedis *138*1-1 120 MB
3 cedis *138# 1-1 500 MB

MTN Weekly Packages – Validity (7days)

Price Code Volume
1 Cedi *138# 1-2 25 MB
2 Cedi *138#1-2 60 MB
3 Cedis *138*1-2 180 MB
5 Cedis *138# 1-2 500 MB
10 Cedis *138#1-2 1GB

MTN Monthly Packages – Validity (1 month)

Price Volume Code Duration
10 cedi 400 MB *138#1-2 30 days
20 cedis 1 GB *138#1-3 30 days
40 cedis 2.5 GB *138#1-3 30 days

MTN Midnight Packages

Price Volume Code Duration
1 cedi 2.79 GB *138#1-1-4-1-1-1 12 AM – 5 AM Daily
3 cedis 5.33 GB *138#1-1-4-2-1-1 12 AM – 5 AM Daily

MTN Lifestyle Packages

Price Volume Code Duration
1 cedi 100 MB *138#1-5 One day
5 cedis 400 MB *138#1-5 15 days
10 cedis 1GB *138#1-5 30 days

MTN Video Bundles (Social Media)

This data package provides data for YouTubers and other people who stream and watch videos online.

Aside from the fixed data bundle provided in this package, you can select your preferred data by typing your amount in the amount section.

Price Code Volume Duration
1 cedi *138#1-1-6-1-1-1 94.34 MB for social media No expiry
5 Cedis *138#1-1-6-2-1-1-1 471.70 MB for social media No expiry
10 Cedis *138#1-1-6-3-1-1-1 943.40 MB for social media No expiry

MTN Turbonet Broadband Bundle

This data package is for users of the MTN Turbonet broadband service. You need to purchase the Turbonet broadband device before you can have access to this. You can call or WhatsApp 0248341613 for details on how to acquire one.

This sort of package is perfect for people who use high volumes of data.

Price Duration Volume Code
20 cedis No expiry 5 GB *5057#1-1-1-1
40 Cedis No Expiry 10 GB *5057#1-2-1-1
75 Cedis No expiry 20 GB *5057#1-3-1-1
120 cedis No expiry 45 GB *5057#1-4-1-1
175 Cedis No expiry 90 GB *5057#1-5-1-1-1
240 Cedis No expiry 225 GB *5057#1-5-2-1-1
395 Cedis No expiry 550 GB *5057#1-5-3-1-1


Check through the data packages described above and select the one most appropriate for your kind of work. Thanks to the new policy on data and airtime expiration, MTN has made most of the data bundles not expire


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