How Durable is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is far from becoming a strap phone. In fact, due to its bendable design, it is much easier to damage than a conventional device, but according to Samsung, it is much more mass-massaged than previous models. Let’s see what that means in real life.

Zack, a content creator for the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel, has done his usual strap test on Galaxy Z Fold 3, so it’s worth watching.

The phone is surprisingly good at the mud, and it has improved a lot compared to its predecessors. One of the significant innovations is the IPX8 water resistance, and although it has not received a dustproof rating on the device, it did not have a problem with a bit of sand. The hinge is much better. The tiny particles do not get in quickly, which is a huge step forward.

The external display is suitable for scratches, but the inside should still be maintained. Although we have S Pen support, the Z Fold 3 can only be used with a special pen, and due to the plastic cover of the display, permanent traces can be left on it even with nails.

Overall, the mobile performed excellently, even enduring the bending test recommended for all-in-one use. Of course, Samsung asks for the price, and it was released recently, worth $2,364 from official sources.

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