How to Add a new card to Google Pay

The contactless payment service Google Pay works with plastic bank cards and virtual cards, which can also be added to the list in the app.

The Google Pay service does not support the use of “MIR” bank cards so there is no way to add it to the card list.

To link your plastic bank card to Google Pay, follow the simple instructions:

    1. Start the application «Google Pay on your mobile phone and press the button « Add map » .
    2. Select the type of card in the pop-up menu: “Credit or debit card.” In the next window, click on the “+” icon to add a new payment method through the service.
    3. A camera will automatically start on your mobile phone. You must point at the card for the card data to be scanned. You can also use the manual data entry function by pressing the corresponding button. To confirm the operation, enter the security code that will be sent by SMS.

To add a card, you will need to enter the number, expiration date, and CVC security code, which is usually found on the back of the plastic holder.

You can link your card to Google Pay directly from the banking app, if you find the corresponding function there. The interface is different, so the procedure will also be different.

To add a virtual card, use the instructions described above. It cannot be scanned, so you will have to enter all the data manually.

How to change the primary payment instrument

Contactless payment through the Google Pay service is made from the card that is the primary payment instrument. To make another card the default, select the desired card from the list, click on it, and in the settings, select “Make it the main card for contactless payment.”

If a one-time payment is required with a non-primary card, you will have to select it in the app and play with it when making a purchase.

How to unlink your card from Google Pay

If you don’t use the paid service for three months, all payment tools from the app will be automatically removed. To remove the card from the service application yourself, do the following.

  1. Select the card from the list that you want to delete. In the settings window, press the icon with the three vertical dots.
  2. In the menu that appears, select “Delete payment method” and then confirm the action.

If the default map has been removed, the following map in the list will automatically become the main map.

Add discount cards

The Google Pay application allows you to add customer loyalty cards from the most popular stores or chains. To link a store discount card, follow the guide:

  1. In the open application, press the “Add map” button and select “Loyalty card” or “Gift card.”
  2. In the next window, specify the commercial chain to which the loyalty card belongs. If the store is not on the list of available, you can find it using the search bar at the top. Scan the plastic card or enter the member’s ID manually. Save the changes.

The discount card will then appear in the loyalty program list. When paying at the store, select it and show the barcode to the cashier.


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