How to buy a Smartphone based on usage and functionality?

Before you buy a smartphone, we now help you narrow down your expectations, highlight important features, and spend your money wisely.

When you buy a smartphone, at first, you may not know what your priorities are. By reading this short post, you’re already doing a lot to get a better view of your selection considerations. The goal is to buy your new device with confidence, and you can achieve this by reviewing the critical questions listed below that you need to ask yourself before buying a smartphone.

If we tell you to set up an order of which skills are most important to you on a smartphone and choose accordingly, it won’t help much. Let’s take a closer look at the most basic, most apparent specifications that can influence your choice, and let’s start with that!

Screen size: Big or small? How will it be more comfortable to use, in one or two hands? Is the display size essential, or is it more important that you can practically place your device?

Battery life: Large display phones have a larger battery, but a large display consumes more. Do you often get upset when your batteries are running low? Do you primarily use your phone at home, and it doesn’t matter? Would you take it with you on long trips? Can you provide a power bank with it or not?

Camera: Do you like taking photos on a hobby level? You’re a professional photographer, but don’t feel like taking a big camera with you everywhere, yet would you take good quality pictures even in your spontaneous moments? Do you often upload photos to social platforms, or would you work as an opinion leader with your smartphone?

Hosting: Do you often watch movies on your phone? Would you use it instead of a flash drive or external drive to transport smaller files? Would you expose a plethora of pdfs, large graphics to publishers? If storage is necessary, then the Samsung Galaxy A52 with 128GB of storage would most certainly be suitable for you. However, if you don’t need a lot of storage space and carry a few ebooks or music with you, the Navon Spirit 5 ”3G with 8GB of storage will also be perfect for you.

Dual SIM: Tired of switching between your company and your phone? Are your family and friends with other providers? Do you have a permanent foreign telephone number? The Evolveo Strongphone Z4 and Nokia 230DS are the most popular dual Dual SIM devices that quickly solve this problem!

3G / 4G / 5G: Due to the continuous termination of 3G, you should also pay attention to what network your phone can connect to. If you want to have phone conversations, 2G / 3G capable devices will still suit you. However, in the case of an Android phone, it is already helpful if the device also supports 4G, unlike the Navon Spirit 5 ”3G 8GB. If you also want a mobile internet connection and are not satisfied with using the available wifi networks, you may want to buy a device that knows 4G. And if you need dizzying internet speeds, fly on a 5G device instead!

Durability: Do you often walk to a place where there is a lot of dust because of your work? Can you quickly hit the phone in your pocket? Do you want to go on a trip without having to be afraid of your phone because of the rain? In this case, we recommend the MAXCOM MM920, which is the most popular drop, dust, and shock-resistant phone in our offer.

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