How to Create an NFT and Sell It Online

Do you want to make and sell NFTs? We will demonstrate how.

Over the past year, NFTs have developed into a cultural phenomenon that frequently makes news due to celebrity involvement, antics, frauds, and legal disputes. There are still many reasons why someone would want to try their hand at producing one, even if it’s difficult to predict whether they will maintain or regain their popularity after a market dip. In a market where innovators have made millions of dollars which can resist?

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What is an NFT?

Non-fungible implies unique or not replaceable. Nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, provide a mechanism to establish the ownership of the original file or object by constructing a digital record on a blockchain, making otherwise readily replicable digital things rare and valuable. The most common NFTs mentioned are those of digital art, although anything may be represented as an NFT, including real estate, music, and even films and songs.

Examples of NFTs

  • Memes
  • GIFS
  • Pictures (JPEG, PNG, etc)
  • Videos
  • Music

How to Create an NFT

The high-profile sales of artists like Beeple, who is most known for selling The First 5000 Days NFT for $69 million, have inspired many artists to learn how to create and sell NFTs. Most NFT work sells for prices in line with what you may anticipate paying for other fine art. Choosing which blockchain you will issue your NFTs on is the first step in learning how to create NFT art.

1. Open a Digital Wallet

To create and sell an NFT, you’ll need bitcoin. Most NFT auction sites will need you to pay an upfront fee to’mint‘ an NFT, converting your artwork into a non-fungible token that you may sell. The ERC-721 token standard for Ethereum is used for NFT issuance. Consequently, your initial step should be to obtain an ERC-721 compatible digital wallet. Trust Wallet and MetaMask are two well-liked alternatives.

2. Choose a Marketplace


To build a digital wallet to pay an NFT platform to generate and sell an NFT, go to MetaMask’s website and click on the blue ‘Download‘ button in the top-right corner. We’ll install the browser extension because we’re using a desktop computer, but there’s also a mobile app. There are various alternative markets accessible, such as:

3. Fill your wallet with cryptocurrencies

After you’ve configured it, you must add some ETH to your MetaMask wallet—or any digital wallet. If you don’t already have any ETH, you’ll need to buy some right now. To accomplish this, click the “Buy” button and choose “Buy ETH with Wyre.” Create your NFT collection after you’ve connected your wallet to Metamask.


4. Link your wallet to an NFT platform

The majority of digital wallets function similarly. You must link it to the NFT platform you’ll be using to sell the NFT, regardless of which one you select. Although we’re using Opensea for illustration, there are many different NFT platforms to pick from, and the procedure will typically be the same as what we describe below.

login opensea

A Create button exists in well-known markets like OpenSea (shown above). You will be prompted to link your Ethereum wallet when you click on it. There is no cost associated with the digital signature that is required. Create your NFT collection after you’ve connected your wallet to OpenSea.

5. Create Your NFT

Create NFTs

Your artwork may be easily uploaded once it has been correctly formatted. After customizing the fields and uploading the digital object, you can choose to tweak it further. Adding textual qualities, unlocked content, the NFT supply, and even the blockchain on which you want to mint the NFT are all included in this.

How to Sell Your NFTs

Selling an NFT to an audience is the next step after creating one. You can modify the pricing, establish royalties, and even hold auctions using OpenSea, making the process much simpler. Navigate to your profile in the upper right to sell your NFT. Choose the NFT that you want to sell from there. The listing page will then be shown.

Fbhtechinfo NFT logo

Fixed Cost As soon as a bidder meets your asking price, NFTs can be sold immediately. It would be best if you decided on a duration for a timed auction. The duration can be chosen from a drop-down calendar. OpenSea provides default choices like one day, three days, and one week.

It’s crucial to remember that websites like OpenSea charge authors a fee in exchange for letting them sell NFTs on their platform. 2.5% is the service charge. You may also set up a creator royalty, which gives you the right to a tiny portion of each sale if the owner of your NFT changes.

Tips for Marketing Your NFT

You must learn how to market your NFTs if you expect to get a fair price for them. Your NFTs will undoubtedly sell for more money if you can instill a sense of exclusivity and generate buzz about them. Ideally, there are several things you can do to advertise your NFTs to a larger audience, some of which may cost you money to accomplish. These consist of:

  • Work with influential people to market your NFT collection.
  • Begin by making a safelist of your friends and other influencers. This allows you to sell NFTs before they are mined.
  • Begin publicizing your future NFT collection on Discord.
  • To promote your future NFT collection, use Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is minting?

“Minting,” like actual money, refers to producing a currency and NFTs on a blockchain. It’s generally on Ethereum using NFTs.

What exactly is a blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed database that is shared across computer network nodes. The strength of blockchain technology is that it ensures security and trust without using a third party, which speeds up data exchanges. The supplied data is irrevocable, assuring its permanence. In the case of NFTs, the artist may trace their NFT and assure a share of future sales. For more details, see our NFT crypto guide.

What happens to NFTs when they are purchased?

Many newcomers to the NFT would ask, “What do people do with their NFTs when they buy them?” Some collectors keep them, while others try to flip them or sell them for a profit right away. However, NFT art can be shown similarly to other types of art.

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