How to hack a server in the administrator’s panel?

Most programmers or other technical experts have made a serious journey with a computer guru to try and grab something. Game or page – it doesn’t matter much. A small warning – this information is for informational purposes only, and its use and use in practice is not recommended. Everything should be described in general without specific features such as program names or detailed hacking algorithms to avoid negative consequences. And finally, we will also consider how to grab the server in the administration area.


So how are the servers hacked? The first step in the strategy is port scanning. This will help you find out which software is installed. Each open port is a server program. Example: Port 21 FTP. If you connect to it and get the right rights, you can safely download or upload files. The first step is to get the first 1024 ports. Here you will find many standard services. They’re all kinds of doors. And the more, the easier it will be to discover that one or more is not closed. This largely depends on the computer skills of the administrator, which monitors the server. Information on weaknesses should be recorded in a separate medium (sheet of paper or tablets).

Then check everything above port 1024. why? The fact that their programs may have a vulnerability or someone who used to have a portrayal server. Malicious software always leaves the door open. Then recognize the operating system. Oh, yes, and if you decide to hack something, it’s a good idea to destroy all the recorded data before our brave militia finds it. This information is sufficient to perform the simplest hacking. In addition, there are many internet sites on the Internet where new weak points are published. And since many servers do not update their security due to the negligence or unqualifiedness of administrators, many may encounter “old” problems. You can find them using special programs. But if everything is closed and there is no approach (which is unlikely), then wait for publications about new security holes. That’s how real professionals crack. Obviously, it’s not a minute, but it takes hours, days and weeks of hard work.

Safety testing

Almost every day, security experts find and eliminate various shortcomings. In general, they know how to hack servers and do everything possible to prevent it. Therefore, it is likely that it will take a long time to find weak points. But there is no universal basis for all the shortcomings, so if we want to identify problems, we need time, patience, and many programmes. After all, it is much easier to identify laxity, and in most cases, it is used as a repair.

How does actual remote server hacking work?

There are several problems with CGI scripts. It is therefore not surprising that these are primary objectives. This is due to the community of the programming language in which they are written. As a result, the script features to transfer data to an unverified but immediately potentially vulnerable location. The weakest in terms of security Perl. Others, like PHP and ASP, have holes in the holes, but they are smaller. Java is considered relatively protected but is reluctant to use because of slow data processing. But the biggest problem is the human factor. Many self-trained programmers don’t think about security. So, in this case, some good CGI scanners will help.

Where can I find the information I need?

So we’re going to see how to hack the servers. How to find what you need and where? It all depends on what you need to find. So if it’s a file on the server, then it’s a thing. If you need to modify the database – it’s completely different. You can download the file from the server. In such cases, port 21 is appropriate. To change the database data, you must have access to or to the file you want to edit.

Example of hacking in general

How is hacking from A to Z done? Let’s look at this process with an example to gain access to the Contra Strike game server. This choice was made because of the popularity of entertainment. How do we hack the server in the admin panel because they are of the greatest interest? There are two main ways: choosing a simple password and more sophisticated. One of these more complex and efficient modes is the back. This includes accessing the console through open ports in the 27000-37000 domain and editing a file that indicates who the administrator is. There are other ways to server “KS” on the server, but remember that these operations are illegal!

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