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How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPod, iPad to run on iOS 5.1

Many issues have been with all iPhone, iPod, and iPad users who upgraded to iOS 5.1. One of the main reasons for this is that they could not destroy the iDevices.

Well, it has to be said that the wait is almost over. I said almost because now you can have a semi-fixed jailbreak on every iOS 5.1 Apple device. By that, I mean all iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Previously, this device did not support A5 devices, but now. So you can trick A4 and A5 devices with this tool.

This new jailbreak provides a patch until it is fixed. This means you don’t have to connect your iDevice to your computer to restart. But let me tell you right away that if you do that, you will have a limited number of features that can be used and accessed.

I want to say that even though this part of the dungeon is called semi-tied, iDevice won’t’ be able to run at full potential until you connect it to your computer and restart it. Therefore, if you want your iDevice to work at full power and potential, you need to CONNECT it to a computer and then continue it.

In addition, I only recommend using this jailbreak if you are already on iOS 5.1. If not, DO NOT upgrade your iOS version to 5.1 until the unrecorded jailbreak is exhausted.

Imprisonment of iPhone, iPod, iPad running on iOS 5.1

1. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer. If you are unsure, check for an update and install it.

2. Connect your iDevice to your computer and back it up if something goes wrong.

3. You will need the latest version of Redsn0w. Download the latest version for Mac or windows, depending on your system.

4. When done, run Redsn0w, and you should see this screen:

5. Now click on JAILBREAK then NEXT, and you will get this screen:

6. Two sections are shown here. One applies to A5 devices and the other to A4 devices. You can read the instructions given there, and they will explain everything to you as well. So if you have an iPhone 4S or iPad 2, you need to plug the device into your computer. But if you have another device, such as the iPhone 4 or the original iPad, you need to turn off the device completely.

7. Select the method that applies to you and click NEXT.

8. If you have an A5 device, the jailbreak process should start immediately, but if you have an A4 device, you should follow the different approach that appears on the screen to set the device to DFU mode. As soon as the device enters DFU mode, the jailbreak process starts.

9. Wait for the device to do its job, and your device may jam. If you see Cydia on the home screen, it means that the process has been completed successfully.

Fixed boots

After completing the above procedure, your iDevice will stop. But if the device shuts down, you must use this process to completely restart it to its full power and functionality. Therefore, follow this process to restart the device using the Tettered Boot Method:

1. Connect the device to the computer.

2. Run Redsn0w, and you will get the standard window as shown earlier.

3. This time, you need to click on EXTRAS, and you will get this screen:

4. Now click on JUST BOOT, and you are done.

Semi-knitted boots

This is the way to start your computer without a computer. To do this, you need to download a tool called SEMITETHER from Cydia.

SemiTether can be downloaded for free from the site BIG BOSS REPO. So since Cydia already has this repo by default, go to the search option and find the SemiTether software. Follow the instructions on the screen and install them on your device. When done, you can now start your device without connecting it to your computer, but you can use minimal features, as I mentioned earlier.

But you don’t have to worry. If your iOS 5.1 split jailbreak is dropped, you’ll most likely get a newer version of SemiTether or a similar tool to help you change your jailbreak to Untherther!


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