How to make money on Instagram (up to 1000 followers)

When it comes to Instagram, you often hear how much money “Insta stars” make with the platform. Maybe you’ve been wondering for yourself if you could bring some extra money to your house with your few thousand followers. Well, we have good news: you are guaranteed to know.

The secret to the success of Insta stars is the same as for content creators who have become famous on YouTube or their blogs – they reach a lot of interested people and can influence their content. That’s what makes Instagram popular so valuable in the eyes of brands – but let’s not run so far ahead. First, we have to answer an important question:

How many followers can you make money on Instagram?

Seeing popular accounts, one might think that a tracking base of hundreds of thousands or millions is needed to influence something about Instagram. Fortunately, this is not the case. It depends on three factors how many followers you need to “get started” on Instagram.

First of all, it doesn’t matter what niche you target with your content. Beauty, fitness, travel, and gastronomy are the most popular topics on the platform (though that means you can expect the biggest competition in them as well).

Another important consideration is how active your tracking base is, so how much you care about your content. If you have five thousand followers, but only a hundred of them comment on or like your posts, it will be difficult for you to assert yourself. The better your activity rate (, the more active your followers are), the better.

Lastly, it doesn’t matter which fundraising channel you’re targeting, and there may be differences even within the media. We will discuss the different ways of making money in more detail.

So as you can see, it’s not just how many followers you have that matters – your thousand active followers will be worth a lot more than someone else’s twenty thousand inactive followers.

Ways to make money on Instagram

You can choose from the following methods if you want to make money on the platform:

  • You can create sponsored posts to introduce certain brands to your followers.
  • You can partner with brands and help them sell their products. You can get a particular percentage share after the products you sell.
  • You can also advertise and sell your products and services.
  • You can also sell your photos if you enjoy photography.
  • You can start a blog or vlog where you can place banners (this is the most rewarding in the long run)

Best of all, these points are not necessarily mutually exclusive unless you have a contract with a brand not to work with another (it’s up to you, of course, to accept that condition). Let’s take a closer look at these options!

Sponsored posts or influencer marketing

You may have come across the term influencer marketing gel or influencer itself many times. An influencer is a person on the internet who has gathered enthusiastic, loyal followers around them with interesting, sound, or just entertaining content who trust, respect, and give their opinion on specific topics.

However, because of their influence and opinion-forming ability, many brands are willing to pay earnest money to influencers. This is about trust and activity that most brands cannot achieve independently.

It’s essential to find a balance between your revenue and your content creator freedom, as there will be brands that will make collaboration conditional. Fortunately, you can decide which brands to accept and how much you sacrifice your creative space.

How much do you ask for your services as an influencer?

Influencer marketing usually consists of creating some pre-defined (this varies by brand ) content. Depending on the agreement, this content may be uploaded to your own Instagram account or possibly to your brand, but your brand may also want to use it on other channels, such as an advertisement or other platforms.

It’s often a post, but some brands will ask for a specific campaign – this will usually mean more images and Instagram videos you need to take or help create.

It’s crucial that when you negotiate the details of a contract with a brand (you can often bargain), you are not only selling your content but also the brands’ access to your audience. Remember, brands want to work with you because they can reach your audience through you, who trust what you give your name to. Be aware of what usage rights you would like to receive for your brand content.

You can ask for a certain amount or a product/service for the flu, but the brand may not be willing to give this or that. You can bargain, but it’s up to you to take your chances.

Unfortunately, they surveyed America, which researched how much he earns with an influencer’s posts. This survey of 5,000 Influencers found that 42% of those surveyed ask for $200-400 per entry. We ask for similar money for an activity with our own Instagram pages ( you can find mine here ), it’s more than a plain post because we’re up on YouTube (here you can find our YouTube channel )

As an influencer, you must know your audience. Who are they, and how active are you with your content? The activity rate (total activity divided by all your followers) is a vital pricing consideration, as the better this rate, the more your posts are worth.

Instagram’s built-in analytics tool helps you calculate and prove this. That’s why it’s not enough to have many followers – the statistics show how active they are and how much they’re worth. To use Analytics, you’ll need an accessible business Instagram account – without it, don’t start flu!

How do you find brands you can work with?

If you manage to gather a large enough base of followers, it could easily be that a brand will contact you directly with an offer. Don’t expect much of this at first – you’d better visit yourself with brands whose products or services are related to the theme of your Instagram account (be it fashion, gardening, some sport, photography, or whatever).

The rules for sponsored content (influencer content, of course, also counts) vary, but it’s safest to provide full transparency for your followers from the first minute. Remember – the most significant value to you is the trust of your followers. In the eyes of most users, you won’t be less credible – in fact, your honesty will only further increase their confidence in you.

Instagram is a “Paid cooperation partner rel …” you have a label – may have some brand and ask you to give your posts about them as you.

Build partnerships

The partners are similar to influencers – but only until the influencer display brands and promote their products and services will the partners aim to make people buy them through them. If you are a partner of a brand and someone buys from you through the brand through you, you will share a certain percentage of the product’s price.

This is usually done through a particular affiliate link or a unique coupon code. Whenever a user clicks on your affiliate link and purchases through it or uses your coupon code in that store/web store when making a purchase, the store will know that you have a share. Because you can’t place links in posts on Instagram, it’s not worth relying on them – coupon codes are much easier to include in both captions and images (or even stories).

If you have enough followers, you can also include links in your stories – stories can be viral, so maybe it’s worth asking for an affiliate link next to your coupon code from the brand.

Start your web store.

You don’t have to rely on other brands to make money with Instagram – you can create your own!

As a favorite Instagram personality, you already have a so-called personal brand, including who you are, what you do, how you treat people, and so on. You can also create your products to expand your brand, and your released products can carry your name.

Of course, you will need some start-up capital for this, but luckily you can start your own online business at relatively affordable prices.

If you sell your products or services, you will also get rid of the rules and terms of the brands. Of course, you will need to take more time to promote your brand. Another advantage is that when these followers feel it less to force something, you pay for a brand, so prefer and support.

What is worth selling on Instagram?

Your fans might like to wear t-shirts or use mugs with your logo, personal brand name, or a motif associated with you. If you can find a service provider that can produce such and similar souvenirs in larger quantities, you may not have to start your online store for that.

You can also sell personal services by making promotional videos, consulting, or house renovation. If you’re writing a good e-book, doing a helpful case study, or doing online training, you can promote these, among other things, via Instagram.

If you have a brand outside of Instagram, you can also promote it on the platform. Whatever you do, don’t forget to include a link to your website/webshop in your profile, as this is the only way to contain (permanent) links on Instagram.

Sell ​​your pictures digitally or in print.

Instagram is a visual platform, so if you’re good at producing visual content, you’re starting with a significant advantage. Whether you’re taking photos or digital drawings, you can show on Instagram what you’re capable of, and you can even get offers to buy a picture.

Instagram, of course, isn’t ideal to do business with images on it, but it’s perfect if you want to draw attention to your talent and work. Find a site where interested brands or individuals can purchase a license for your images and upload them there. Always write in the caption field of your work uploaded to Instagram that if someone wants to buy the photo, they can do so by following the link in your introduction.

Write a blog!

A blog is a very versatile money-making tool. The professional team of online marketing and the grant of influencers advantage in whose blog it is by Instagram side. A post on a blog is worth a thousand times more to them than an Instagram post or story. But also for you, as you can place banners on the blog and use an entry many times, i.e., share it again. If you bought an excellent website engine and have a search engine optimized blog, visitors will come from Instagram, Facebook, and Google.

The more blog posts you have, the better. Every writing you have ever created for many years will generate revenue for you. Keep one in mind! Always buy a unique domain name, never join a blog site on a subdomain (so is not good, but is good).

If you are building your brand and thinking in the long run, the $15 investment worth buying a domain is worth it! Once your blog is done, you can start earning money right away, as the Google Adsense system already gives you minimal traffic from clicks!

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