How to rent or buy movies from the Play Store on Android devices

The Play Store not only serves to download game applications, but it also has a complete section in which you can get different titles of both old and new movies that you can access by buying them, if you want to learn how to use this application for this we will teach you below.

How to rent or buy a movie from Google Play Movies?

When you enter the Play Store, you can find several sections to download free books, applications, games, and movies. Depending on what you want to purchase, you enter a specific area. In this case, you must enter Google Play Movies that you can find as a separate application, or at the bottom of the screen, you can download or rent the movies in this application in the following way:

  • The first step is to open the Google Play application.
  • Proceed to search for the movie, series, or television program through the search engine. If you are looking for a specific genre, you can use the classification part.
  • Once you get the movie or series you want, you must define if you want to download or rent it since you must bear in mind that not all the films or series for sale can be rented, and the price may vary.


  • After you make this selection, it will appear on another screen to choose which resolution you want to download, and we recommend HD, although this could cost you more than in standard resolution.
  • Then the payment option will open. This can be done with credit or debit cards which will cause a Google Wallet account to be created.
  • Finally, you accept, and you will have your movie, series, or television program available.

How many days does a movie rental last?

The time it will be available for you to see the movie will depend in part on whether or not you open it at the time. If you play it at once, you have 48 hours until the rental expires, and if you do not play it, you have a range of 30 days in which it will allow you to see it, so you must be careful when you want to open the film.

What are the payment methods accepted in the Play Store?

Spending time in the Play Store has diversified the payment methods accepted by the platform. You can now cancel using gift cards, specific Google Play cards, in some countries through the cell phone operator, cards credit or debit, and platforms that are online transfers such as Paypal.

Credit or debit cards, gift cards, or codes

Payment using a card is one of the pioneers to be able to cancel in all applications, it is one of the simplest and safest methods that you can perform, you only need to have an account that you have available the amount of money when making the payment you need to have a hand your card and have registered this payment method, you can do it in the following way:


  • You must open the Google Play application on your device, a computer, phone, or Tablet.
  • You must go to the app’s menu, specifically in ‘Payment methods.’
  • Once here, you have to enter ‘Add payment method.’
  • Add the payment method. In this case, you must fill in the information requested for your credit or debit card so that you can register it.
  • Finally, you must accept the procedure, and you will be able to make the payments to download your movie.

When you add the payment method, it is much easier to cancel the programs you want to watch because then you only have to select the account you will use. You must make sure you have the application updated to work correctly.

Where are rented or purchased movies stored?

The movies that you have bought or rented can be found stored in two ways, one through the Google Play application and the second using the specific Google Play Movies app in the library section.

When entering the library, you must select movies or TV programs, and they will appear according to the date when you downloaded it, or the year it was published. Then when you want to reproduce it, you must click on where it says play. The quality of the video will be adjusted according to how your internet connection is.

How to play content from Google Play Movies on a Smart TV?

Once you can access the content you have downloaded, you can view it through devices such as a Tablet, a phone, and a Smart TV as long as they are connected to the same Google Play account.


One of the most comfortable ways to watch movies is using the Smart TV because it is a larger screen that you can have in the comfort of your home, and if you want to learn how to watch it on this device, you can connect the phone to the television in two ways:

  • Using a cable, be it HDMI, USB, MHL, SlimPort, or Apple cable, is official.
  • Wirelessly using Apple TV, Chromecast, or the function set on the Smart TV.

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