How To Restore a Deleted Message on WhatsApp (Accidental Delete)

Previously, it could no longer be restored if we unintentionally selected the option to delete a message exclusively for us. However, a new feature gives us some leeway to remedy our error.

A helpful upgrade is on its way to the WhatsApp messenger: it will now be allowed to revoke the “delete for me” procedure. This can be handy when we remove a specific message from a conversation. Still, unintentionally erase it only for ourselves – by doing so, we have permanently removed the message from our page, but it was still visible to others. And so it has been.

However, according to TechCrunch, a little upgrade termed “unintentional deletion” will help with this: in the future, we will have 5 seconds to undo the action. This is a little, but it’s enough to see we’ve chosen the incorrect procedure.

When you select “Delete For Me,” an undo option will appear next to the warning. By clicking on this, we may see the message again and delete it for everyone in a new process.

accidental delete whatsapp

According to WhatsApp, the new function will be available to all iPhone and Android users.

The “delete for everyone” option was created in 2017 by Meta’s chat application, allowing us to remember a specific message from all parties involved in the conversation. This was allowed for seven minutes from the time of transmitting when it was first introduced, but this year in August, it grew to 60 hours or two and a half days.

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