How to surf the Internet for free on MTN and Vodafone

The internet has become an important tool in our lives, something that most can’t live without. MTN and Vodafone GH, the Internet Service providers make data bundles expensive and too small to use. So many have found ways to use their services and gain internet access as long as the ISP provides an option to turn the data on. I will be showing you how to gain free access to the internet on these networks. Kindly take your time and read so you can set it up.


  1. A Phone
  2. An Active Sim Card

What is Alfaisal VPN?

Alfaisal VPN or Virtual Private Network is a mobile application that lets its users connect to the internet in a secure way using SSH and Open VPN servers. SSH connects to a particular computer whiles Open VPN connects to a network. If you want to download the VPN go to the play store and search for Alfaisal VPN and download.

Click here to download Alfaisal VPN app

Follow these steps to set up

  1. Make sure you have at least 2MB or 5MB of Data on your Sim card. We need this in order to trigger the network to connect to the internet.

2. Go to your phone settings and locate the Mobile and Networks section. It could be different depending on your phone. After going to Mobile Network, select “Access Point Names (APNs)”. Set APN to  “Internet”. Screenshot as shown below

3. After that go to the Alfaisal VPN app and select the VPN Server and click on the Power button in the middle of the app to connect. Enjoy free browsing.

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