How to Use Your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to Track Body Composition

On your smartwatch, it's easy to collect precise measures of body composition. Here's how to go about it and why it matters.

Smartwatches track your activities and provide you with an overview of your health. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 offers a comparable alternative for Android users, even if the Apple Watch is the best choice for iPhone users. The Galaxy Watch 4 can assess your body composition in addition to your blood pressure and electrocardiogram. Let’s look at how the tool functions and how you may use it to monitor your fitness and weight reduction objectives.

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Benefits of Measuring Body Composition

One of the main contributors to the emergence of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure is body fat. According to this paper from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the optimum body composition for men and women varies with age. Because of this, regular body composition assessments are a valuable tool for creating better lifestyle plans.

What is Body Composition?

The proportion of fat to muscle (or skeletal) mass determines your body composition. The Galaxy Watch 4 uses cutting-edge Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), a medical approach for determining the electrical conductivity of live tissues, to provide real-time body composition measures.

Once configured, the wristwatch monitors the resistance across fat and moistened muscle tissues by sending low-frequency electrical currents to your body through your wrist. When the signals travel via fat tissues, they run against resistance. Then, it calculates your body’s fat and water levels by comparing your data to over 2,400 numbers from an extensive health database.

How to Begin Using the Galaxy Watch 4’s Body Composition Measurements

Tracking your fitness objectives is simple with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. You may create personal goals for yourself, receive advice on improving your health, track your progress toward your objectives, and set personal targets.

Install the Samsung Health app on your wristwatch after downloading it. The next step is to create your health profile to receive individualized health advice, monitor your daily exercise routine, and establish diet and fitness goals.

Health fitness

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How to Use the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4’s Body Composition Analysis (BCA)

As we’ve already mentioned, using the Body Composition Analysis tool can help you learn crucial information about your health. Examine the feature’s setup and usage in more detail.

Setting Your Goals and Reminders

The tool can assist you in understanding how your weight and fat levels impact your metabolism, energy levels, and other factors. To set your goals and stay on track, follow these steps:

1. Launch the Samsung Health app on your smartphone.

2. Navigate to the Body Composition section.

3. Tap it and then select Set Targets. You’ll now be prompted to input your weight, body fat percentage, and skeletal muscle goals.

4. When setting up your body composition objectives, remember to include your height and gender in the Profile area (if you haven’t already).

If your inputs disagree with the recommended targets, you can alter them depending on the recommended ranges.

To enable alerts, go to the bottom and click the Get reminder notifications slider option. Choose how often you want to be reminded to measure your body composition—once a day, alternate days of the week, or more frequently—and what time of day you want to be reminded.

Use Your Smartwatch to Calculate Body Composition

While BMI tests have been used to determine your weight status and whether you have body fat, they aren’t as precise as the BIA technology found in intelligent scales and high-end wearables like the Galaxy Watch 4. Here’s what you need to do to receive precise body composition readings on your smartwatch:

1. First, check to see that your watch is on.

Body composition 1

2. Swipe left on your watch face to access Wear OS Tiles, and then scroll down until you see the Body Composition area.

3. Choose your gender after tapping Measure.

body composition

4. Tap Confirm after entering your height and weight. You could think about utilizing a regular or smart scale to take an accurate weight reading.

5. Put your watch higher on your wrist by adjusting it as directed by the on-screen directions. Make sure the straps are secure.

6. With your palm facing up, press the Home and Back keys with your fingers. It would help if you didn’t put your hands together.

Body composition 3 1

7. Raise both arms out from your body, at chest level. As the watch gets your readings, keep still.

8. You’ll be able to get a brief overview of your body composition values once 15 to 20 seconds have passed.

9. You may also go to the Body Composition area of the Samsung Health app to better understand your data.

Everybody can benefit from the measure, but those at a higher risk of acquiring diabetes or heart disease—due to their lower muscle mass—may find it particularly helpful. Knowing your body composition might help you identify whether you have acquired too much weight or are experiencing physical performance issues.

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Examine Body Composition Tests in More Detail

With the Galaxy Watch 4, calculating body composition is simple. To fulfill your objectives and achieve your health goals, this feature offers precise information to assist you in finding the ideal ratio of nutrition to exercise. It is straightforward to use, and thus far, it seems relatively accurate.

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