How To View Your Spotify Wrapped 2022 | Find Your Artists & Songs

As we approach the end of the year, Spotify has released its long-awaited Wrapped 2022 compilation for listeners worldwide. Spotify Wrapped 2022 follows Apple Music Replay 2022 in providing a full snapshot of your listening habits this year.

So, if you’ve been wondering if BTS topped your playlist or if you’re a real Swiftie, now’s your chance. In this article, we’ll show you how to access your Spotify Wrapped 2022 roundup. Let’s see what Spotify Wrapped has planned for you in 2022.

How to View Your Spotify Wrapped 2022

Are you eager to see your Spotify Wrapped collection and discover your most streamed artist? To locate Spotify Wrapped 2022 on your iPhone or Android device, follow the instructions below:

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1. Log in to your Spotify account on iOS or Android.

2. On your home page, click the Spotify Wrapped 2022 banner. Your name should appear on the banner, followed with “Your 2022 Wrapped is ready.” Explore the music and podcasts you enjoyed the most this year.”

3. Enjoy this playlist and stats compilation from your Spotify Wrapped 2022!

How To View Your Spotify Wrapped 2022 on Desktop PC

Do you listen to music using the Spotify desktop software on Windows, Mac, or Linux? If you answered yes, you’ll be sad to learn that you can’t access your Spotify Wrapped 2022 summary through the desktop app.

Also, Spotify provides a link to, but it does not allow you to view the recap. To find your Wrapped 2022 information, you’ll need to download the Android and iOS apps.

Listening Personality With Spotify


  • Adventurer (ENVU)
  • Early Adopter (ENVC)
  • Deep Diver (FTVU)
  • The Devotee (FNLU)
  • The Replayer (FTLU)
  • Connoisseur (FTLC)
  • The Maverick (ETLU)
  • Fan Clubber (FNVC)
  • The Top Charter (ETLC)
  • The Enthusiast (FNLC)
  • Time Traveler (ETVU)
  • Musicologist (ETVC)
  • The Nomad (ENLU)
  • The Voyager (ENLC)
  • Jukeboxer (FTVC)
  • The Specialist (FNVU)


  • E – Exploration
  • N -Newness
  • V – Variety
  • U – Uniqueness
  • C – Commonality
  • F – Familiarity
  • T – Timelessness
  • L – Loyalty

What other applications are comparable to Spotify Wrapped? Spotify Wrapped is only available for a short period. However, you can still view your Spotify statistics, such as popular artists and songs, whenever you want via third-party applications such as, Festify, and Receiptify.

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These applications, like Spotify Wrapped, provide a unique opportunity for users to share their listening habits. Throughout the year, Spotify teases the same kind of playlist curation as Spotify Wrapped, such as a special playlist dedicated to your favorite outfit and for your pets.

FAQS For Spotify Wrapped

Why Isn’t Spotify Wrapped 2022 Showing For me?

There are two possible explanations for why Spotify Wrapped 2022 isn’t showing up for you. One, you didn’t listen to enough music to allow Spotify to combine your data and display the Wrapped video. Second, the Spotify Wrapped 2022 feature is now available globally and should arrive in a few days.

How Do I Find My Most Listened-to song on Spotify?

To listen to your most played songs in 2022, go to Search -> 2022 Wrapped ->Your Top Songs 2022 to listen to your most played tracks this year.

How do I access my Spotify Wrapped?

Open Spotify on your smartphone. On the app’s home page, there should be a popup asking you to view your 2022 Wrapped. If it isn’t, use a mobile browser to navigate to and let it redirect you. You may learn about your preferred genres, artists, and songs by reading The Wrapped Story. last 22 hours

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