Huawei phones face malware infections that could steal money from its users

By 2019, he had already infected many Android phones from the Play Store, and then they thought he was gone, but now he’s revived on Huawei phones.

Huawei’s app store, AppGallery, has also been infiltrated by a Joker virus that was previously spreading in the Google Play Store and then thought to be gone, the Russian Doctor Web warned, which was also reported by HVG the other day.

The virus is characterized by disguising itself as a completely safe, harmless, helpful, and funny application. After the download, the user registers for non-existent services without their knowledge, which costs approximately USD 8- 90 every week.

Although Huawei’s experts have already removed the virus-containing programs from the store, they may still be on many phones and even unidentified ones. According to the portal, these programs can reach more than 500,000 Huawei devices. Users who have downloaded one of the following applications should delete them as soon as possible:

  • Super Keyboard
  • Happy Color
  • Fun Color
  • New 2021 Keyboard
  • Camera MX – Photo Video Camera
  • BeautyPlus Camera
  • Color RollingIcon
  • Funny Meme Emoji
  • Happy Tapping
  • All-in-One Messenger

However, it is worth being careful, as it was already thought to have disappeared when it was sited out in the 2019 Play Store. It seems wrong.

At the time, roughly two dozen software containing Joker viruses, which malware had installed on Android phones more than 472,000 times, had disappeared.

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